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Application of air tightness testing equipment in flexible anti seismic cast iron pipe

Flexible anti-seismic cast iron pipeThere are special transportation requirements: oil, water, gas and related liquid, gas pressure transportation, so flexible anti-corrosion

The air tightness requirement of shock cast iron pipe is very high. In the production line of flexible anti-seismic cast iron pipe, the air tightness must be strictly tested,

It's also a testAir tightness inspection equipmentThe application of this method.


Most of the traditional leak detection methods are bubble method and smear method. Bubble method is to immerse the workpiece in water and fill it with compressed air

After the flexible anti-seismic cast iron pipe in a certain period of time to collect the bubbles from the leakage to measure the leakage. The coating method is flexible anti-seismic cast iron

When the pipe is filled with a certain air pressure, the surface of the workpiece is smeared with soapy water, which is easy to produce bubbles

In order to detect the leakage The size of the quantity. Obviously, these two methods can not meet the needs of high precision and high efficiency production, which affects the measurement

The accuracy requirements of the system. So we have to use more precise automatic detection equipment to improve the detection efficiency and accuracy.

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