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On the future development prospect of seal detector

Since the development of air tightness testing industry in China& ldquo; The 12th Five Year Plan & amp; rdquo; At the beginning of the planning, new policies and regulations affecting the development of the industry have emerged

coming. Strict energy conservation and emission reduction is of great importance to the environment密封检测仪The development of the industry has had a profound impact.

According to the demand of our national economy and social development trend, our country has formulated the strategic goal of instrument development: in the future

futureWithin 10-15 years, we will make full use of China's rapid economic development and huge market advantages to vigorously promote new technologies and new technologies

Research on the application of process in instruments and meters, master the design, production process and other key technologies of all kinds of instruments and meters, so as to improve the quality of products

The gap between the overall level of China's instrument industry and the international level has been shortened to 3-5 years, and about 30% of the products have reached the international level

At the same time, the advanced level, domestic instruments in large projects supporting capacity reached more than 85%, in the domestic market demand

More than 75% of the total.

After understanding the development trend of air tightness testing industry, Harris Automation Technology Co., Ltd. researched and developed the air tightness tester

It can upgrade the technology in all directions, and increase the pressure proportional control function, so that the operator can set the test on the interface

Pressure. The automatic control is fully realized in the multi group pressure control and detection. The company is specialized in automation equipment for many years

It is a high-tech enterprise in the fields of production and development, automation control system engineering, development and production of intelligent testing instruments, etc.

The company's instrument products and automation system engineering are widely used in machinery, metallurgy, chemical and other enterprises.

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