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Detection method of lamp seal detector

As we all know, the importance of lights to the safety of driving at night is equivalent to people's eyes pointing out the direction of the car and illuminating the road

Clarity, ensure the safety of driving. Therefore, the lamps must pass through the production line密封检测仪The test of the system.

Generally speaking, the seal detection of lamps is divided into two parts

1)The method of using positive pressure detection: the accuracy of the selected detector should be within1paAnd the selection of the maximum range is best controlled at1-twoKpaLeft

Right, not too big. Then, by injecting pressure into the lamp sealing cavity, the30KPaDry pure air for testing, if the detection of its leakage

What's the change30paIt is regarded as qualified by internal standard, otherwise it is regarded as unqualified.

2)When the completion of the positive pressure test, we need to do another test: negative pressure test. After inflation, stabilization and testing, the system can be operated

The first step in the process of body deflation is directly converted to negative pressure suction, saving about 30%5Second time, and then through the flow method or differential pressure method to measure the negative pressure

For the air tightness data under pressure condition, the negative pressure is usually set at-20KpaBefore the test, the air pressure and leakage shall not exceed20pa

The car lamp seal detector of Harris integrates barcode scanning function and remote control function. The detection accuracy can reach0.1pa,Maximum detection pressure

Lida700KPAIt may also be used for negative pressure detection. Because Harris leak detection equipment has a very small internal space(1.5cc),Can be great

The stability of detection is ensured to a certain extent. This sealed test instrument is equipped with imported pressure sensor, which can guarantee the quality and after-sales service.

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