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Shenzhen air tightness testing equipment manufacturers analyze the improvement methods of air tightness testing efficiency

Hyris air tightness testing equipment identified inAir tightness detection technology of differential pressure measurement and traditional detection methodsCompareTo improve the quality of inspection

Measuring efficiency and automation

at home and abroadquite a lotIn order to improve the efficiency of leak detection, the research institute proposed some theories and methods, such as rapid inflation method, adding filler

Reduce the volume of the workpiece to be measuredTemperature compensation method, etcetc.method.That's guaranteeddetection efficiency OfThe improvement measures have been applied in practice

It is verified and developed.theseAlthough the air tightness detection technology can detect the workpiecewhetherLeaks, butYes, butdetermineno.Specific location of leakage

。 WhenWe can't locate the leakWhen,that longIt is necessary to put the workpiece into the water tank and determine the location of the leakage point by means of water inspection.

In order to solve this problem, hiris air tightness testing equipment manufacturersin order toThe automation and efficiency of air tightness detection are improved.

DevelopedNew leak detector。 The principle is as follows:Combine air tightness detection with water detection functiongatherIn one device.WhenAfter the tested workpiece enters the leak detector

HuixianDry leak detection,If it's testedUnqualified workpieceThen it willautomaticOfSink the workpiece into the water tank under the leak detectorcomeYes

setdischargeleakSpecificpositionIf the workpiece is qualified, the workpiece will be sent out.

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