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Application of seal detector in refrigeration equipment system

The seal detector usually uses vacuum leak test method to detect the refrigeration equipment system, so as to judge whether the refrigeration equipment system is reliable

Whether there is air infiltration into the system. Harris密封检测仪There are two situations in vacuum leak test1.For the small refrigeration equipment, the system generally uses the external machine

The vacuum leak test is carried out by means of vacuum equipment;twoFor large refrigeration equipment, the compressor in the system is usually used for self vacuumizing leakage test.

The problems that should be paid attention to in leak testing are as follows:

1.In the self vacuumizing test, always observe the bubble escaping from the oil surface. If there is no bubble escaping for a long time, it can be stopped

Vacuum and observetwenty-fourIf there is no change in vacuum after 24 hours, it is considered qualified. Otherwise, it will be regarded as unqualified;

twoWhen self vacuumizing the refrigeration system of pressure lubricated compressor, the contact of oil pressure relay should be connected temporarily;And it's true

Empty time can not be too long, to prevent the compressor moving parts working at a higher temperature for a long time, easy to produce greater wear and metal fatigue.


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