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On the definition of sealing test equipment and the characteristics of sealing test

AirtightnessTesting equipmentIt is used for sealing detection of mobile phones, bracelets, cameras and other products,气密性测试Of

A new intelligent seal detector

AirtightnessDevelopment of testing equipmentfeaturesyes:

Tightness testsystemUsing digital preset to test vacuum degreeas well asVacuum holding time,So as to protect

cardAccuracy of test data

密封性检测设备What are the qigong components usedImported pneumatic components,hisStable performanceYes, it is


(3) in order to realizeEnsure testingsureIn the preset vacuum conditionsAutomatic constant pressure air supply systemreal

This function is now available. And there aremajorOfSoftware supportrealizationResearch on automatic back blowing unloading and automatic ending test

Function,So as to ensuretestcanSmooth progress

(4) tightness testsystemuseMicrocomputer control,in order toUser friendlyconvenientlandOperation test and inspection

datacollocationYesLiquid crystal displayandPVCOperation panel.


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