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Working characteristics of gas seal detector

quite a lotMaterial capitalyesIt has solid state, liquid state and gas state. Gas state is the most important state of matterbyA special state, which has no definite shape

It also has no certain volume. Its shape and volume depend entirely on the container containing the gas. Any number of gases can be expanded infinitely

Filled in containers of any shape or size. GasSeal detectorworkThe main features are as follows:

1Tested productaroundOfEnvironmental impact detectionmeetingThere is a certain amountOfinfluence. If the tested sample and standard sample are tested under the same conditions, it can be eliminated

In addition to the external influence.

two)Pressurization will deform the tested object and pipeline, and differential pressure comparison can counteract the influence of volume change on the test results

。 Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the symmetry of the pipeline on both sides of the tested product and the standard product as far as possible.

three)To be measuredproductIn the process of adiabatic compression of internal gas, the measured pressure will be reducedproductInternal temperature occursdefiniteChange.No mattertakewhichA kind of additive

Pressure mode, such a temperature effect is unavoidable. If the tested sample and the standard sample are compared and tested under the same conditions, pressurize

The effect of adiabatic temperature rise can be offset by each other.

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