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Classification and working principle of seal detector

Seal detector is divided into direct pressure type and differential pressure type, mainlyAccording to different detection methodsIt's different

(1) direct pressure type of seal detectorOfOperation process: inflate the chamber of the workpiece under certain pressure, and thenCut off by

Measure the contact between the workpiece and the air source, and record the pressure indication at this time. After a certain period of time, after a certain period of time,thenagain

readcurrentPressure indication andupperPressure indication of the first recordMake oneComparison.IfTwice pressure indicationexistenceA difference

, indicatingThere is leakage in the measuring chamber.thisDifferenceOfSize reflectionIt's overWithin the detection time cycleTestedLeakage state of workpiece, difference value

IfThe larger the leakage is, the more serious the leakage is. This differenceIfWhen allowedOfRangeofInside,JustIt can be regarded as the workpiece under testyesqualifiedOf

。 conversely,Asunqualified.

(2) differential pressure detection of seal detectorbe likeWeighing with lever balanceequally。 Put the balance on one endupperReference weight,andanotheroneendbedischarge

upperThe number of parts to be inspected is increasingplusreducelessNumber of partsorderThe balance is in balance,hereMass of weightsnamelyQuality of parts.

密封检测仪Operation process of differential pressure detectionUnder the same process and state conditions, the& ldquo; Standard & amp; rdquo; As a reference,however

Right afterWorkpiece under testand& ldquo; Standard & amp; rdquo;conductcompareOn the basis of existenceDifference to determine whether the workpiece is qualified. First, in the air tightness meter

The labeled standard is terminated with the standard, and then the standard is checked at the same timeandThe chamber of the workpiece to be measured is inflated and passed througha sectionAfter balancing time,

The standard sample is completely separated from the chamber of the workpiece to be tested, and the pressure is monitored for several seconds or tens of seconds before comparisontwoPressure indication of the operatordifference

thatThis is the pressure indicationdifferencenamelyTestedThe pressure leakage value of the workpiece cavity,IfPressure indicationWhat's the differenceWhen allowedOfRangeofwithinregard

byIt is considered that the tested product is qualified,The opposite is trueunqualifiedOf

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