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What are the main features of air tightness testing equipment

Now?Air tightness testing equipmentIn all walks of life can achieve a strong functional value, whether in the automotive brakingsystemOftestOrvalvewith

Water pressure of wellhead equipmentExperiments and other industries have played a significant role. thisAnd air tightness testing equipment featuresIt doesn't matter.

Air tightness testing equipment

Air tightness testing equipmentOfThe main features are as follows

(1) present气密性检测设备High safety factorLong life, easy to maintainPressure partsAll of themuseIt's overDevelopment of international famous brandsessenceStandard parts

No,Any welded connection,sureEasy to disassemble. Advanced technology and reasonable structure design.

Equipped with imported gas driven gas automatic booster pump,surerelaxedOfRealize any adjustable and controllable outputOfPressure.

气密性检测设备EmbraceIt has the characteristics of small volume, light weight and beautiful appearance.

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