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Ever since I knew about Harris technology, I don't worry about the difficulty of type-C waterproof test any more

With the continuous development of electronic products, withUSBInterface,TypeThere are more and more interface products, occupying a large market share,Type-CIt is a light and compact common interface, which can better meet people's daily needs, and has good practicability. However, when the product is used, there are certain requirements for waterproof. If the waterproof performance is poor, the risk of leakage will occur. So how does Hercules technology respond to the challengeType-CHow about testing the interface?

Type-CThe product volume of the interface is small, and the flexible board is not easy to fix, which becomes a major difficulty in waterproof detection. In the face of this difficulty, Hercules technology has made this platform for customersType-CWaterproof testing equipment.

Test instrument:HCClassic series air tightness detector

Test method: direct toUSBThe air filling test is carried out on the interface of

Waterproof standard:IP67

haveIP67Study on waterproof performanceUSB Type-CConnectors have become a new standard for a variety of products because they provide ubiquitous reliability, faster charging speed and faster data transmission, and the waterproof detector that can detect the waterproof performance of this product is in Harris technology!

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