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How to choose the air tightness tester for oil tank cap?

The fuel tank cap is a very important part of the fuel vapor emission system of automobile. If the fuel tank cap is not sealed, it will cause a series of fault problems, such as oil leakageboxThe sealing inspection of the cover has become the basic quality inspection item of the manufacturer, so the oil quality inspection is very importantboxWhat kind of equipment is more scientific for sealing test of cover?

For the problem of the fuel tank cap, the best way to solve the problem is to use the air tightness detector to detect.

The air tightness testing equipment we choose for our customers is hiris'sHCThe test range of the classical air tightness tester is-60KPA-150KPA。 This kind of test equipment has two kinds of test methods of positive and negative pressure, and the precision can reach1PA

Use the direct detection method to detect the following steps:Pre positive pressure95KPaTest the lid opening, then jump to-2KPaand-5PaThe opening condition can be detected respectively to find out whether the fuel tank cap is faulty.

With the rapid development of computer, electronics and sensor technology, the development of leakage detection technology will usher in a new development opportunity, and the future will be brightThe development of Harris TechnologyAir tightness testeralsoIt will further develop in the direction of high precision, high efficiency and intelligence.

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