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Application of sealing tester in electronic and electrical industry

Sealing test and waterproof test have always been a test that electronic and electrical products have to face, so how does the sealing tester test the tightness of electronic products? Now let's talk about HarrisSeal testerHow to test electronic products.

Seal tester在电子电器行业的应用

The first choice is to customize a set of cavity sealing test scheme for the product through Shenzhen Harris, and also need a set of Harris tooling. The product to be tested is put into the customized die groove, and the die is inflated and stabilized by the instrument to determine whether the product is qualified or not according to the detected leakage value.


密封测试仪The application industry is also very extensive. There are countless kinds of products often used in electronic and electrical appliances. Now let's take a look at the products commonly tested by major manufacturers? In fact, these products are often used in daily life, such as cameras, Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth speakers, watches, mobile phones, electric toothbrushes and other products. Shenzhen Harris technology has a very mature complete set of solutions for these products, with more than 2000 customer testing cases.


If you want to know more seal tester cases, you can consult Harris online customer service or call the hotline on the official website. We will provide free solutions to help you solve the test problems for the first time.

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