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Example sharing of portable air tightness detector in air tightness detection

Hiris has six series and many stylesAir tightness detector。 In addition to the HC classic series of air tightness testing equipment, HN embedded air tightness tester, HP economical and practical waterproof tester, Harris also has a small and portable HS smart air tightness testing equipment. This article will introduce the application and advantages of hermetic detector in battery pack and LED lamp.

HS smart air tightness detector - Shenzhen Harris

HS灵动Air tightness test仪-深圳海瑞思

Battery packs are generally used in new energy vehicles or new energy buses. In the 5S after-sales service point, or car repair point, the use of battery packs is usually analyzed气密性检测。 At this time, a portable air tightness detector is necessary.

Hand held air tightness tester to test the tightness of battery pack


In recent years, LED lamp is very popular. At the same time, outdoor LED lamps need to have ultra-high sealing requirements. Therefore, before the final packing and delivery, the general QC will make the final sampling inspection on the products on the production line to verify that the sealing and waterproof performance of the products has met the requirements. For the sampling inspection of products on the production line, Harris HS smart air tightness detector is the most suitable.

Technical personnel sample inspection test products - Shenzhen Hailisi



Parameters of HS series portable air tightness detector

Hermes HS smart series air tightness tester has its own lithium battery and built-in air pump (positive pressure type or negative pressure type can be selected), so the instrument can be carried manually to complete the air tightness test task. It does not need to carry the power supply and compressed air source, and the test can be completed completely relying on the instrument itself, which solves the requirement that the traditional air tightness tester must have the test air source and test power supply. It is very suitable for outdoor use, air tightness test in after-sales outlets and spot check in production line【 This article is edited and published by Harris( )Please indicate the source for reprint]

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