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Development and demand of non standard air tightness testing equipment

along withAir tightness testing equipmentThe demand for electronic appliances and auto parts is increasing. Single air tightness testing instrument has been difficult to meet the special needs of many manufacturers. The non-standard air tightness testing equipment is not made according to the traditional standards, but customized according to the needs of customers. The functions are increased or decreased according to the needs of customers, which is more flexible.

非标Air tightness testing equipment-海瑞思科技

Air tightness testing equipment is the key to test the sealing performance and waterproof performance of products. According to different testing products and different requirements of manufacturers for testing efficiency, non-standard air tightness testing equipment will be customized for customers. Harris technology is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales of air tightness testing equipment. In recent years, Harris technology has been trying to develop and produce non-standard air tightness testing equipment. The non-standard air tightness testing equipment has been used in hundreds of factories to ensure that the waterproof grade and sealing performance of products meet the requirements


(delivery drawing of non-standard air tightness testing equipment)

Hiris HN pilotage series air tightness detector is specially designed for non-standard equipment. It has very high flexibility and expansibility. With modular design, the control system is independent of the executive part. A set of system can control multiple execution modules to form multi-channel test, while taking into account the cost performance,


The non-standard air tightness testing equipment of Harris mainly includes multi-channel electric toothbrush air tightness testing equipment, multi-channel audio air tightness testing equipment and multi-channel new energy harness air tightness tester. Multi channel air tightness testing equipment is mainly used in the air tightness testing of electronic consumables.

According to the customer's testing requirements, Harris technology has made a single channel integrated air tightness testing equipment, testing instruments and testing tooling into a whole testing equipment. As shown in the figure below, watch 5atm waterproof detection equipment.


We don't just do it气密性检测设备It can also be used as flow detection equipment, or air tightness and flow detection integrated equipment.

There is more and more demand for non-standard air tightness testing equipment in the market, and the testing technology and methods are more mature. If you are interested in our non-standard air tightness testing equipment, please call Harris technology to provide you with a comprehensive air tightness testing scheme for free.

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