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Development of air tightness testing and its importance in new energy battery leak detection industry

Any substance has three forms: solid state, liquid state and gas state, and gas state is a special state in the existence of substance. It has neither a certain shape nor a certain volume, and its shape and volume depend entirely on the container containing the gas. How to determine whether the container is good or not is widely used in developed countries; ldquo; Water inspection & amp; rdquo;(& amp; ldquo; Water inspection & amp; rdquo; In order to improve the quality of products, manufacturers adopt & amp; ldquo; Immersion leak detection & amp; rdquo; To find out the unqualified parts); The equipment is simple; ensp; The results are intuitive, the detection accuracy and efficiency are low, and the influence of human factors is great, so the automatic quantitative leakage detection can not be realized; ensp; It will also bring adverse effects such as moisture, rust, impurity immersion, and tedious post-treatment of specimen surface with water (or oil), and even some products are not allowed to be detected by this method, such as electronic and electrical components. In the middle and late 1970s, some developed industrial and technological countries in order to overcome & amp; ldquo; Water inspection & amp; rdquo; The process has some disadvantages to the subsequent operation of the workpiece; He began to study the replacement of & amp; ldquo; Water inspection & amp; rdquo; New technology and new equipment are introduced. In the early 1990s, clean and dry air was used as working medium in engine block of motorcycle, engine block of automobile, radiator, brake system, evaporator, gas appliance, etc; The technology of sealing performance testing has been mature, and some corresponding testing equipment has come out one after another.

Air tightness detectorAlso known as leak detector, leak detector; And the application field is very wide, such as mobile phone industry, auto parts industry, new energy industry, home charging, smart wear, audio industry, security lighting, medical equipment industry, wire connection industry, other industries, etc; Next, Hai Rui technology will briefly talk about the importance of air tightness detector for new energy battery industry.


Figure: HC classic series instruments

The main parts of electric vehicle are composed of motor, battery and electronic control. Once the battery, motor and other high-voltage working parts of electric vehicles are flooded, leakage and short circuit problems may occur. Therefore, the protection level of electric vehicles should reach IP67 waterproof level (the first number after IP is dust-proof level, and the second number is waterproof level).

New energy vehicles are driven by hydrogen power and power battery, and the safety requirements of the parts involved are higher, especially the new energy battery pack. The air tightness tester of new energy battery pack mainly includes the air tightness test of upper shell, lower shell and final assembly; For the air tightness test of the upper and lower shells, the leakage requirements of the air tightness after the final assembly must be met, that is to say, the sum of the independent leakage rates of the upper shell and the lower shell must not exceed the leakage requirements of the whole battery pack; Due to the characteristics of the new energy battery pack, the charging pressure of the air tightness test of the battery pack should not be too high.

The detection principle of Harris technology is pressure attenuation method, which means to pressurize a product to see the pressure change of the gas. There are two situations. One is that the product has air filling holes. We will directly inflate and pressurize the product, then cut off the gas source and observe the change of gas pressure. If the pressure drops, it means that the product leaks and does not drop. The second is that the product does not have air filling holes. We need to make a sealed cavity, which is the same size as the shape and specification of the product, that is, a grinding tool, to fit the product as much as possible, because the test results are more accurate. Then we pressurize the gas, and the gas will fill the space between the product and the grinding tool, and then cut off the gas source, Check whether the gas pressure has dropped. If there is, it will leak, and the gas will leak into the product. If there is no drop, it is good.


Figure: HL leader series instruments

Based on the R & D, production and sales of air tight leak detector and air tight leak detection system, Harris technology provides one-stop air tight leak detection solutions. Combined with the market application demand of air tight detection, we have developed and produced differential pressure, direct pressure and flow type air tight leak detectors with high sensitivity, high resolution, good stability, excellent quality, excellent performance and convenient operation, which are used to support various products and industries, including air tight leak detector, fixture, automatic control, human-computer interaction, automatic control, automatic monitoring, automatic monitoring, automatic monitoring, etc Automatic air tight leak detection system including safety protection, as well as customized pressure test, flow test, leak detection and other solutions for customers.

The above content is the development of air tightness testing and the importance of new energy battery leak detection industry, I hope it can help you.

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