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Application of air tightness tester in medical device / medical industry and its advantages and disadvantages

With the development and progress of science and technology, the medical device industry / medical industry oriented by mass health is becoming an important part of emerging industries. The improvement of living standards has promoted people's awareness of health, which has also led to the rapid development of medical device industry. For the medical device industry, the quality problem is very important in the production of various device products. When it comes to the quality problems in the production of various parts of medical devices, we may wonder whether this product has been made before leaving the factoryAir tightness testThis is a quality control process. Once the air tightness of medical devices is ignored, it is directly related to the health of the masses. According to the requirements of medical devicesAir tightness testIn the article, the author makes a simple statement, mainly from the following aspectsAir tightness detectorIntroduction to the application of medical devices / medical industry and medical devicesAir tightness testerAdvantages and disadvantages of the introduction.

Figure: Hercules HL leader series is suitable for the use of medical devicesAir tightness detector

Figure: hiris HC classic series for medical devicesAir tightness detector

In the new form of the market,Air tightness test仪The application in the medical device / medical industry has also been widely recognized and popularized. Hiris technology has been pursuing independent innovationAir tightness test仪In the development of various medical device products气密性测试At present, the widely used products include sphygmomanometer, electronic thermometer, endoscopic capsule, surgical puncture device, medical washing gun, electronic stethoscope, medical tooth washing device, medical urine bag, water storage bag and various infusion oxygen tube detection.

Here is a brief introduction to a group of Harris technologiesAir tightness detectorPhysical cases applied to medical devices:

Figure: the design of Harris medical deviceAir tightness testCase demonstration

After the publicity and promotion of medical products by the masses in 2017 and 2018, the development of medical device industry will become the industry trend from 2019. Hercules technology as a company in China医疗器械Air tightness testThe leader of the industry, to meet the needs of a variety of medical devices and medical products气密性测试Demand. On the one hand, it has benefited from the development of science and technology in recent 10 yearsAir tightness detectorThe above R & D and investment, on the other hand, benefit from the product performance and after-sales service, has been superior to similar products of domestic peer equipment and foreign imports气密性检测Equipment.

Of course, with the development of the medical industry气密性检测仪The demand is increasing and developing. In the field of medical devices气密性检测In addition, there are various testing methods气密性测试Methods have their advantages and disadvantages, we will briefly introduce to you.

Bubble detection method: inject a certain pressure gas into the sealed product, and then intrude the product into water (or other liquids) to observe whether there are bubbles leaking out; Or smear foam or soapy water on the surface of the product to see if there are bubbles. This method is backward, inefficient, polluting or damaging the product, artificial judgment is not accurate, no automatic production), which is used by early people气密性检测 Methods, in the production line has been rare, has been new气密性测试仪Replaced by;

Pressure drop detection method: fill a certain pressure gas into the sealed workpiece, maintain the pressure for a period of time (2 ~ 5 seconds), detect whether the pressure drops, and observe the calculated pressure change to judge whether the product has leakage (5 ~ 25 seconds in the whole process). This method气密性检测仪The supporting fixture has strong versatility, and can be applied to semi sealed products and fully sealed products. It can also pump air into negative pressure inside the semi sealed workpiece to detect the leakage of the product (the product that needs external waterproof completely simulates the direction of water entering the product). The pressure drop method has the advantages of high efficiency, strong universality, high detection rate and nondestructive testing. There are many channels气密性检测仪It can detect multiple products at the same time, which is the mainstream气密性检测仪Detection method;

differential pressure气密性检测Method: also known as comparison method, it needs a standard leak free product (or sealed tank with little difference between the internal volume of the workpiece and the volume of the detected product). Principle: a certain pressure of gas is injected into a sealed sample to be tested, and the same pressure of gas is injected into a standard sample at the same time. After standing for a period of time, observe the pressure difference between the standard tank and the workpiece, so as to determine whether the product is leaking. this气密性检测仪The detection method has high detection accuracy, but the versatility is not strong. It needs two tooling, and the detection cost is twice as high as the pressure drop type.

This article briefly introduces the medical products to the friends who are engaged in medical devices气密性检测Application in medical devices气密性检测The advantages and disadvantages of this method are discussed. If you want to know more about it医疗器械气密性检测Instrument, you can directly contact the official website of Harris technology online customer service or contact telephone, we will wait for you 24 hours for consultation.

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