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What kind of air tightness detector is good for medical device air tightness detection?

With the rapid development of the era of science and technology, the products of manufacturers in all walks of life are constantly updated. Whether it is mobile phone industry or auto parts industry, new energy industry or home industry, intelligent wearable industry or audio industry, security lighting industry, medical industry and other industriesAir tightness testDemand is increasing. In order to meet the needs of the market and cope with the market competitiveness, Harris has also increased its competitivenessAir tightness test仪At present, HL leader series has been launched in the marketAir tightness test仪And fully automatic intelligenceSealing testThe system is a new product. In this paper, we focus on the analysis of the development of medical devicesAir tightness testAt present, the health industry has become popular all over the world, so the directly related medical device industry is getting more and more attention气密性检测Market attention.

Photo: Harris TechnologyHLLeader seriesAir tightness test仪

Hiris technology focuses on the development of medical devicesAir tightness testR & D and production, the company's series of products: HL leader series instruments, HC classic series instruments, HN development series instruments, HP development series instruments, HS smart series instruments, leak detection machine to meet the needs of different products. The research and development of Hercules needle for medical devices气密性测试The test set features positive / negative pressure air tightness detection, differential pressure air tightness detection, IP67 / 68 waterproof detection, multi-channel detection scheme support, and non-standard tooling design and production, which can fully meet the requirements of various medical device products气密性测试

So far, HarrisAir tightness testerIt has provided leakage testing and various automatic testing equipment for most industries, and has served nearly 2000 customers. For medical devices气密性测试In all walks of life, Harris always adheres to the consistent high quality, pursues high service, takes the customer's demand as the center, and solves everything for the customer气密性测试To provide one-stop service气密性检测Solution.

Harris气密性检测仪In the medical industry, puncture deviceSealing testFlushing wall密封性检测, infusion tube密封性测试, tooth washer气密性测试Water storage bag密封性测试And other aspects have a good application.

Photo: Harris气密性测试仪Case demonstration for medical industry

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