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Waterproof test cases of sound air tightness test cases / summary of tightness test cases of grand total sound

As a necessary product of electronic sound equipment in life, the sealing quality of sound determines the sound quality. Whether it is outdoor sound or indoor sound, it is very important to control the airtightness. Especially in the outdoor use of speakers need to have a certain degree of waterproof and dustproof level, if the speaker does not reach a specific waterproof level, the internal speakers and electronic components are vulnerable to external dust and moisture, which will affect the sound and use effect of speakers. In this article, Harris brings together a variety of different shapes for you音响防水测试At the same time, it summarizes the common problems in the marketAir tightness testI hope I can make a stereo for you气密性检测/Audio waterproof testing manufacturers to help.

Due to the different requirements of each audio manufacturer's production line, the efficiency requirements are also different. At the same time, each kind of sound has its own appearance, so the air tightness test scheme of sound will be different. For example, sannuo digital, Logitech, Jiahe electronic, guanxu electronics, Fenda technology and other sound manufacturers, which have been served by Harris technology, require different test schemes, Some manufacturers may need a single station, some need two stations, three stations, four stations, some may need multi-channel, all of which depend on the needs of customers. Let's show some audio cases we have tested, hoping to let the industry know us better.

Every product that we receive that needs to do air tightness test is customized for customers. Different products need to customize different sealing fixtures to fix the tightness of the product气密性检测Because the shape and size of different products are different, the required fixtures are also different, so it is necessary to design and customize the tooling according to the products.

Acoustic air tightness testing instrument

Hereis a simple summary of the different test schemes for audio, and the test schemes required by different products are different. If you want to know what kind of test scheme your products are suitable for, you can contact hereis online customer service, or directly consult our contact number. We will provide you with the test scheme for free.

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