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Introduction to the use method and sealing test principle of hiris technology real water tester

True water testerAlso called气密性检测仪or泄漏测试仪It is mainly applicable to the air tightness test of finished or semi-finished products in automobile, audio / electrical, security / lighting, communication digital, medical equipment, wire connection, consumer electronics and other industries.

True water testerWith the demand of consumer electronic products, the real water test of waterproof membrane has become the mainstream in the market. According to the customer group that Harris technology has contacted at present, real water test has been widely used in smart watch test, watch waterproof maintenance, waterproof breathable film and other related products.

[Harris technology]真水测试仪Real water test case for watch back cover]

The following shows a set of test method cases and detection principles of the real water test of Harris technology used on the back cover of watches. Before completing the whole scheme test of the back cover of watches, we should first prepare a real water test system of Harris technology真水测试仪It is equipped with a testing fixture and a pressure water tank.


Tooling appearance display:

Next, Harris technology introduces the principle and steps of real water test for smart watch back cover to the industry

1. Connect the factory compressed air to the air tightness tester;

2. The compressed air pressure is adjusted to the standard pressure required by the smart watch by the air tightness tester;

3. Before the test, the upper die cylinder drives the upper die to press on the top of the product, and the sealant is pressed on the hole of the barometer to be tested, forming a closed cavity between the hole of the sealant and the barometer.

4. Through the air tightness tester, the air pressure is poured into the upper part of the water surface of the pressure water tank. The air pressure pushes the water in the water pipe to act on the surface of the waterproof and breathable membrane in the barometer hole, and the air source is turned off. After stabilizing the pressure for a period of time, open the clamp and observe & amp; ldquo; Water discolored paper & amp; rdquo; Discoloration, if not discoloration that the product is qualified, if discoloration that the product is not qualified( Note: because the O-ring between the product and the mold is sealed, the water-proof and breathable membrane itself has quality problems or is not installed properly, it will leak, and the color change paper can be identified). In the actual test, there is a product with large leakage, and the water will be directly sprayed out from the drain.

The above is the real water test principle and test method steps of smart watch back shell demonstrated by Harris technology to the industry, hoping to provide some help for manufacturers in the industry who use real water test. If you need to contact us for a complete test scheme, you can directly contact the official website of Harris technology.

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