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What are the methods of air tightness test? Hermes will help you to analyze the air tightness testing scheme and principle

Hermetic tester is also known as hermetic tester and leakage tester. Hermetic tester is widely used in many fields, such as various components of mobile phone industry, various components around automobile industry, battery, home appliance industry, intelligent wearable industry, electronic consumer industry, outdoor security industry, military supplies industry, medical device industry, etc Valve and pipeline industry. The method of air tightness test, and气密性检测方案And the principle, in order to let the industry more understand, hereis technology below to introduce to you.

At present, there are two main methods of air tightness test, one is water testing, the other is compressed air testing.

The method of water detection is: block the sealing port of the product, put the product directly in the water, fill the gas from the inflation hole of the product, and observe whether there are bubbles in the product. If there are bubbles, it means that the product has leakage. The more bubbles, the larger the bubble, the greater the leakage.

This method is more intuitive, and can observe the leakage of the product. The disadvantage of this method is that the tested products need to be dried. From testing to drying, it takes a long time to test a single product; Some electronic products will be damaged by water, so that the product not only leaks, but also the internal electronic components will be damaged by water, increasing the difficulty of repair. So many companies do not use this method when testing the air tightness of large quantities of products.

The method of using compressed air to test is: use the fixture to seal the product, and the compressed air enters into the interior of the test product or the mold through the air tightness tester. The sensor of the air tightness detector senses the change of gas in real time. Finally, the air tightness detector shows whether the product is OK or ng through the display screen

This method has many advantages: first, it is a non-destructive testing, because the testing medium is air, air will not cause damage to the product; Secondly, because air molecules are smaller than water molecules, the detection results are more accurate; The operation is relatively simple and the test process is fast. This kind of air tightness detector has been widely used in many manufacturers and has been affirmed by customers.

Of course, the disadvantage of this kind of air tightness detector is that there is no way to detect the leakage point. There is no end to science and technology. I hope we can develop better air tightness detector in the near future.

Shenzhen Harris technology has been engaged in air tightness testing for 11 years, providing air tightness testing equipment for more than 1000 customers. There are more than 3000 sets of air tightness testing equipment in place, and the air tightness and waterproof functions of customers' products escort.

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