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The usage of 5atm smart watch waterproof tester and the introduction of smart watch waterproof tester

Smart watch, as a kind of beautiful and practical electronic product, has always been favored by people. At the same time, because it is often worn in the hand, it is inevitable to come into contact with water, so the waterproof performance of smart watch has always been concerned by people. along withThe requirement of waterproof performance of 5atm smart watch is gradually improving, and many manufacturers begin to pay attention to the waterproof detection of 5atm smart watch. Today we are going to discuss how the 5atm smart watch is waterproof.


(Harris 5atm watch)防水检测仪

We often see water resistant or WR 5atm written on the back of some watches. ATM is the abbreviation of atmospheric pressure. An ATM is equivalent to 10 meters of water depth, and 5atm is 50 meters of water depth. What needs to be explained here is that 5 ATM is waterproofIt is required that the waterproof of the component should meet the atmospheric pressure waterproof degree of 5 ATM,andIt's not 50 meters under the sea without water.30 m (3 ATM, i.e. 3 atmospheres)Waterproof watchIt can be used in daily cleaning or rain, that is, water drops only splash on the surface without any water pressure on the meter. 50mWaterproof watchIt can be used for swimming and general housework. The 100 meter waterproof meter can be used for swimming, diving and other underwater work.


(hiris smart watch waterproof test equipment)

Manufacturers in the production process of waterproof watch, the last procedure before packaging is to carry out waterproof test on the watch, now many manufacturers use itWaterproof testerTest the waterproof performance of the watch. The detection medium used by the waterproof detection equipment is compressed air, because the molecules of air are smaller than those of water, so the detection results are more accurate, and the sensors of the waterproof detection equipment observe the detection situation of the product in real time, and the test data are visually displayed on the instrument of the air tightness detector, so it is easier for the detector to intuitively understand the waterproof performance of the product.

Different waterproof performance, the test data are not the same, for example, some watches are 3atm waterproof, that is, 30m waterproof, we use the test pressure is 300kPa. Some watches are 5atm, so our test pressure is 500kPa. The test pressure is set according to the product and waterproof performance. Harris防水测试仪There are a variety of ranges, including - 60-150kpa low-pressure test for small products and 50-1500kpa high-pressure test range. The lower the measuring range is, the higher the accuracy is. The measuring range accuracy of hiris technology is generally higher than 1pA, which is patented by the state.


(Hercules makes waterproof test for smart watch of a certain brand)

three, HC seriesAir tightness detectorAdvantages of detection

1. High sensitivity pressure sensing and regulating unit, combined with advanced differential pressure software algorithm, the minimum resolution can reach 0.1pA, which has won the national patent

2. The patented technology independently developed by herrense & amp; ldquo; IVT pneumatic seal valve island & amp; rdquo;, Greatly improve the test accuracy, ensure the stability of the instrument, inflation speed has also been greatly improved.

3. Multiple test functions: the instrument integrates two positive and negative pressure forms and eight test methods: two pressure forms and five test methods can be written into more than 20 test functions.

4. It has more than 200 groups of subroutines. Each group of subroutines can be programmed independently, selected and combined to meet various complex test requirements

5. Full touch large screen intelligent operating system, graphical UI design based on detection process, simple and clear operation interface, easy to teach and learn

6. A variety of pressure regulating components and ranges are available. Wide range of air pressure (- 80kPa & amp; mdash; 1MPa) optional. Multi group pressure sequence test can be realized by selecting electronic pressure regulating valve

7. Multiple communication interfaces: built in RS232 serial port, RJ45 network port, USB communication interface, LTP external I / O control port, supporting a variety of communication protocols

8. Bar code scanning function and printer can be purchased to facilitate product data management and quality traceability. Up to 200000 historical records of the instrument can be exported to the computer in batches

9. The standard volume identification function can automatically identify the volume of the sample to be tested, and measure and judge the leakage rate in the way of volume.

10. Ultra high stability, and ease of use, after a rigorous test of the market.

11. A variety of accessories are available, including inflatable bypass, quick connector and standard leak. At the same time, the instrument supports third-party calibration and can issue calibration report.

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