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The wide application of air tightness detector in the field of auto parts

With the rapid development of automobile industry, automobile safety is always the focus of automobile manufacturers and consumers. Because the use environment of the car is more complex, it is normal for consumers to travel in rainy weather, so many parts of the car need to have waterproof performance, such as: motor, controller, headlight, charging gun on new energy vehicles, wiring harness and so on


Generally, according to the waterproof standard of automobile industry, the waterproof level of automobile parts should reach IP66 or IP66IP67 .So what's the meaning of this waterproof level.IP refers to the protection security level. IP is the abbreviation of advance protection rating (or international protection code), which defines the protection capability of an interface against liquid and solid particles. IP67 means that under the condition of not damaging the shell, 6 means that the fitting is not invaded by dust, and 7 means that when the fitting is immersed in water not more than 1m deep, it can give the internal parts protection time not less than 30 minutes.

If the parts of the car can not reach the corresponding waterproof level, in the process of use, the internal parts are very easy to cause damage, which will lay a hidden danger for our driving safety.

From the beginning of the establishment of Harris technology to now becoming a model of the industry, the air tightness detection of auto parts has always been the focus of our attention. From the initial detection of car sockets, car lights, car wiring harness to the detection of car motors and cylinders, our detection cases and experience are the most abundant among the peers. With the promotion of new energy vehicles by the state, the airtightness detection technology of Harris technology in new energy vehicle charging gun and new energy vehicle battery pack is becoming more and more mature. BYD, the earliest electric vehicle in China, is also our partner.


(some auto parts tested by Harris Technology)

In the aspect of air tightness detection of auto parts, the stability and accuracy have always been very concerned by customers. The hermetic detector adopts the imported Honeywell pressure regulating valve, and the test accuracy can reach 1pA. This accuracy is recognized by the national patent. The stability of Harris air tightness tester is well-known. Every instrument has undergone comprehensive testing and eight hour aging test before leaving the factory.


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