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Hiris technology trains the operation of air tightness tester for Xinnong motor

Recently, Harris technology sent technicians to Dongguan Xinnong Motor Co., Ltd. for the training of air tightness tester. It is understood that Shinon motor, as a Japanese company, used to produce detectors from France. When they used them, they found that such instruments had limitations for the production and manufacturing personnel. After comparison, they found that the airtightness tester of Harris technology was easier for the technicians and production personnel to accept.

The purpose of operation training of hermetic tester is to help customer testers master the use of hermetic tester better and faster, and speed up the speed of product testing. Therefore, in this training, we will analyze the operation and use of water purifier motor and tester one by one.


Dongguan Xinnong Motor Co., Ltd

1、 Advantages and features of Harris technology detector

In order to make the production personnel better understand the operation mode of the instrument, first of all, the technical personnel showed the use process and parameter setting steps of Hermes technology air tightness tester to the customers, so that the users have a systematic understanding of the use of the equipment.


The technicians of Harris technology explained the page operation to the on-site staff

Secondly, the user testing personnel are required to carry out on-site operation, and the technical personnel should know it professionally and explain the matters needing attention during operation. Next is the explanation of the function page of hermetic tester, and one by one introduces the basic function modules, such as instrument pre-test settings, program parameters, system parameters, history and barcode scanning, remote control, user login, factory mode and so on.

Advantages of Harris technology detector:


The on-site production personnel told us that the previous instruments need to be re debugged when the alarm number is negative, which is troublesome. They often have to pull out the gas pipe and reset the program to detect. The airtightness tester of Harris technology only needs to adjust the parameters, and the operation is relatively simple, which is more suitable for the use of production line personnel.


Tooling of air tightness tester for water purifier motor


The technical staff of Harris technology explained the instrument operation to the on-site staff

It also indicates that the administrator account and operator account can be distinguished when the Harris detector is set internally, which is more conducive to data saving and change. Only the manager is qualified to change the data. This function is more conducive to the use of the production line.

2、 On site inspection and operation of water purifier motor


Air tightness test tooling of water purifier motor

1. According to the special shape of the motor, Harris has specially customized a special tooling die for it. The die is divided into two parts. The left part is used to fix the motor. The protruding parts around the motor can make the motor stand up. There is a special groove on the back of this part of the tooling to place the tail wire, which can place the wire outside the die;

2. The mold on the other side of the instrument is used to fill the gas inside the motor. Because there are two convex connecting parts on the top and front of the motor, the outside of the motor itself is in a sealed state. During the detection, the upper and left mold guide pipes will automatically clip into the connecting part of the front end for gas filling and fixation, and then fill the gas inside the motor through the guide pipe, The instrument can judge whether the leakage value of the motor is qualified by the air pressure inside the motor.

Finally, under the patient guidance of the technical personnel of Harris, the user testing operators have basically mastered the use of the instrument, and believe that in the future production and use, it will bring more convenient experience for the production personnel of Xinnong motor.


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