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Hermes technology customizes intelligent Bracelet sealing detector for Yuanfeng Technology

Harris technology forFar peakTechnology customizationSeal test of smart Braceletinstrument

Yuanfeng electronic technology, one of the gold medal customers of the honorary cooperation of Harris technology, needs to customize the seal tester of the smart bracelet of Harris technology this time. Users require that the intelligent Bracelet sealing detector can carry out double station detection, which can realize multi station detection operation by one operator, independent of each other and without mutual influence. Can support manual and automatic detection, multiple detection mode switching function. After integrating the needs of customers and the characteristics of the smart bracelet, Harris technology has developed a perfect detection scheme for the tightness of the smart bracelet.

Harris technology adopts embedded seal tester, which is a separate system customized for non-standard automation equipment manufacturers and channels with seal tester application experience. It is composed of control system and executive module, which can realize multi station detection. It can save a lot of development and debugging time for automation equipment manufacturers, and it can quickly and flexibly distribute on automation equipment. Secondly, Harris technology has developed specific tooling for Yuanfeng electronic technology's smart bracelet to provide a standard sealing test environment. The following is the basic function and finished product display of the intelligent Bracelet sealing tester.

The basic functions of the intelligent Bracelet sealing tester are as follows:

oneHigh sensitivity pressure sensing and adjusting unit, with advanced software algorithm, the minimum resolution can reach1PaThe algorithm has applied for national patent.

twoResearch and development of hirisIVTPneumatic sealing technology, greatly improve the test accuracy,To ensure the stability of the instrument, the technology has applied for national patent.

threeFull touch intelligent operating system,Integrating positive and negative forms of pressure, andeightThree basic test modes, single choice and combination, wide range of air pressure(-80& mdash;700KPa)Multi group pressure sequence test can be realized.

fourbuilt-inRS232Serial portUSBCommunication interfaceLTPexternalI/OControl port, support a variety of communication protocols.

fiveThe powerful upper computer operation module truly realizes remote management and real-time monitoring function.

sixBar code scanning function and printer can be purchased to facilitate product data management and quality traceability, and the history can be recorded as many astenWantiao system has more thanone hundredEach group of subroutines can be programmed separately, and can be selected or combined to meet various complex test requirements.

sevenBased on the detection processUIDesign, simple operation interface, easy to teach and learn.

Finished product display:


Hiris technology intelligent Bracelet double position tightness tester


Hiris technology intelligent Bracelet double position tightness tester

The detection equipment has been put into the seal detection of smart bracelet, and has been well received by users.

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