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Hermes embedded sealing tester is customized for non-standard

Harris TechnologyEmbedded sealing testerFor non-standard customization

In the sealing test, many automation equipment manufacturers hope that according to the uniqueness of their own production test, hirisco can design, develop or manufacture sealing testers that meet their own testing needs. Therefore, according to the requirements of non-standard automation equipment manufacturers and channel providers with application experience of sealing tester, Harris has developed an embedded sealing tester.



Product display of hermetic embedded sealing tester


Operation interface of hermetic embedded sealing tester

This embedded sealing tester has a unique separate system, which is composed of control system and executive module. It can save a lot of development and debugging time for automation equipment manufacturers, and can be quickly and flexibly installed and distributed in automation equipment.


Non standard customization of Harris TechnologySealing performance of engine water pumpDetector (real shot)

In terms of configuration, Harris technology adopts a full touch intelligent operating system, high sensitivity pressure sensing and regulating unit, integrating positive and negative pressure forms,8Three basic test modes and superone hundredGroup subroutine, support free setting in detection. At the same time, the air pressure range of the tester is in-80& mdash;700KPaIt meets the multi group pressure sequence test standard, and provides technical support and test parameter support for simultaneous multiple tests.


Hermes technology non-standard customized electric vehicle charging gun control box sealing tester (product photo)

The embedded sealing tester of Harris technology has the function of multi position detection, which is favored by many manufacturers. On the one hand, the equipment can save labor and improve labor efficiency for manufacturers; on the other hand, in the era of rising labor costs, it can help manufacturers reduce testing costs and improve production competitiveness. It can be better combined with automation equipment, customized to meet their own testing needs of the sealing tester.

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