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How to carry the banner of air tightness testing automation?

Due to the limitation of detection cost and efficiency, the traditional IP waterproof level detection, leakage detection and seal detection can only take a very small number of samples to do reliability test in the laboratory, and this kind of test is often destructive test, once the test is completed, the product will be damaged and cannot be used.

For the above reasons, the previous air tightness test can not achieve 100% online test.

How to achieve high efficiency, low cost, 100% online testing, Harris began to solve the above problems ten years ago. With the continuous innovation, evolution and breakthrough of hiris precision leak detection system, hiris air tightness leak detector has achieved high precision, high efficiency, high automation and intelligence.

In terms of leak detection method, Harris uses a new leak detection method & amp; mdash;& amp; mdash; Pressure drop method. If there is leakage in the measured container, it will inevitably lead to the loss of gas quality in the container and reduce the original pressure in the container. By measuring the gas pressure drop in the container, the actual amount of gas leaked from the container can be deduced, which improves the accuracy of leakage detection.

Secondly, in order to solve the contradiction between the accuracy and efficiency of differential pressure measurement, Harris innovates the detection methods through repeated exploration and continuous improvement, such as rapid inflation method, temperature compensation method, adding filler to reduce the content product of the measured workpiece, etc. These improvement measures of detection efficiency have been fully verified and affirmed in practical application. For example, the air tightness leak detector provided by Shenzhen Harris Automation Co., Ltd. for a gearbox manufacturer, after adopting the above improvement measures, the work beat is increased from one every 2 minutes to one every 30 seconds, and the detection efficiency is increased by 400%. The technology and service of Harris make Harris become the wind vane in the industry and get the unanimous affirmation of the industry.

In addition, on the basis of air tightness leak detector, Shanghai risi has developed a variety of high-quality automatic air tightness leak detector with functions of loading, plugging, detection, display, alarm, unloading, etc. It not only makes Harris a leading brand in the air tightness testing industry, but also sets off the development of domestic similar productsAir tightness testThe technology revolution has raised the banner of air tightness test automation.

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