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Air tightness tester, a new waterproof detection method

Air tightness tester, the latest waterproof test equipment, adopts the compressed air detection method, which is suitable for all the air tightness tests and testsWaterproof testThe place where

With the product's sealing, waterproof, and IPWaterproof testWith the increase of testing requirements, the traditional water immersion method can not meet the needs of production

Under the influence of this kind of market environment, a lot of waterproof test equipment and waterproof test instruments have emerged in the market. There are mainly the following two kinds of air tightness tester with air as the detection medium and helium as the detection equipment. Helium inspection uses helium as the detection medium. Because helium is not self-sufficient, it generally needs to be specially produced, and the emission can not be discharged as intended, which increases the cost of helium inspection a lot. Therefore, this kind of equipment can only be used for special waterproof test, and can not be used for large-scale production line.

The air as the detection medium of waterproof test equipment has no such restrictions, air is everywhere, as long as the installation of a good air compressor will use endless air, and can be discharged at will, will not cause pollution. It is very suitable for large-scale production. Therefore, the air detection medium is very importantWaterproof test equipmentThere is a lot of room for development. And a lot of people are constantly emergingWaterproof testerCompanies, such as foreign CTS, domestic Linglong, domestic Harris and other companies.

With more than ten years of waterproof testing experience, Shenzhen Harris has always been committed to air quality controlWaterproof testing equipmentR & D, production and sales of. So far, it has successfully launched mobile phone waterproof testing equipment, wire sealing testing equipment, camera waterproof testing equipment, sports audio waterproof testing equipment, motor sealing testing equipment and die casting partsAir tightness testing equipmentIt can also be equipped with barcode scanner and remote control function. And get a large part of the market, and get customer satisfaction

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