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Sealing detection technology and development of tire pressure sensor

The tire pressure sensor that needs to be used in the car needs to reach a certain standard, and the first condition is that it must be waterproof. So how to ensure the waterproof ability of the tire pressure sensor? We can use the airtightness test equipment of Harris for air tightness test, IP waterproof level test and identification.
Harris密封性检测设备The case of tire pressure sensor tightness test shows the tightness test equipment used by major manufacturers.

Real time tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) has become a research and development hotspot in China's automotive electronics industry. In the next five years, it is estimated that there will be 710 million tires in the world that need to be equipped with tire pressure monitoring sensors. An important index of the sensor is waterproof and good sealing performance.

Harris'sAir tightness detectorThe use of compressed air as the detection medium, for the tire pressure sensor sealing detection with non-destructive testing, fast, stable ability, accuracy can reach 0. 1pA, suitable for automatic sealing test of sensor.

The United States law requires that all passenger cars and light trucks sold in the United States from August 2007 must be equipped with tire pressure monitoring system, and the corresponding regulations have been issued in Europe. China is a big auto consumer. I believe the government will formulate similar laws and regulations in the near future. The demand of TPMS makes a new industry rising.

Therefore, TPMS sealing test will become an indispensable detection technology in the future

TPMS is a real-time tire pressure monitoring system; ldquo; Tire Pressure Monitoring System& rdquo; It is mainly used for real-time automatic monitoring of tire pressure when the car is running, and alarm of tire leakage and low pressure to ensure driving safety. It is a life safety early warning system for drivers and passengers.

To do a good job in TPMS, that is to say, one of the core technologies of tire pressure monitoring equipment is tightness detection, which can be carried out by using Hermes's tightness detection equipment.

In the process of high-speed driving, tire failure is the most worrying and difficult to prevent for all drivers, and it is also an important reason for sudden traffic accidents. According to statistics, 70% ~ 80% of traffic accidents on expressways are caused by tire burst. How to prevent tire burst has become an important topic for safe driving. TPMS is one of the effective means of scientific explosion protection and early warning.

Therefore, the development of tire pressure monitoring equipment will get very strong support. To become a leader in this field, we must first start with waterproof detection technology. In order to ensure the quality of tire pressure monitoring equipment and waterproof ability of tire pressure sensor, we can use the product of Harris Automation Technology Co., LtdAir tightness testing equipment。 This is a door waterproof detection, sealing detection and intelligent, automatic sealing detection equipment.

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