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Sealing test of puncture device

How to make a puncture device密封测试It is necessary to know about the sealing element of puncture device and the manufacturing method of puncture device with it


Generally, the top end of the umbrella shaped seal is provided with a mounting hole through which the puncture rod can pass, and the aperture of the mounting hole can gradually increase with the axial tension of the seal. Compared with the previous technology, the new seal can expand the mounting hole when it is stretched. Therefore, when the surgical instruments of different sizes pass through the mounting hole, the thicker the surgical instruments will drive the seal to stretch more, so that the hole diameter of the mounting hole can adapt to the expansion, and the force of the surgical instruments basically remains unchanged, The sealing performance of the puncture device was optimized to avoid the excessive friction of the surgical instrument during the extraction process

In minimally invasive medical surgery, once a disease is found in the body, it needs to be operated or removed. In the operation process, the first thing to be applied is the puncture device. The puncture device is a kind of surgical instrument that penetrates the abdominal wall and enters the body cavity for other surgical instruments, which belongs to a minimally invasive surgical instrument. The puncture device generally includes a sleeve assembly as an access channel for other surgical instruments and a puncture rod penetrating the sleeve assembly. First, in order to penetrate the skin, the skin epidermis is cut with a scalpel, then the puncture rod is used to penetrate the skin and enter the body cavity together with the sleeve assembly, and then the puncture rod is pulled out. The sleeve assembly can be used as a channel to introduce various instruments and tools into the abdominal cavity and provide the abdominal wall of the air chamber to rise above the organ, In order to prevent gas leakage in the abdominal cavity when various instruments and tools are inserted into the abdominal cavity during the operation, it is necessary to set a sealing assembly in the sleeve assembly. The common sealing assembly generally includes a mounting seat, on which a number of braided or circumferential staggered sealing pads are set. When the instrument is used, it passes through the center of the sealing assembly composed of multiple sealing pads, So as to achieve the function of sealing. However, the sealing effect of the sealing component of the puncture sleeve of the current puncture device is poor, and it has poor adaptability to different sizes of surgical instruments. It can not achieve a better balance between the overall air tightness and the ease for the surgical instruments to pass through. For smaller surgical instruments, it is easy to leak, while for larger surgical instruments, it will produce a great pull-out force, It may even make the puncture device fall off from the abdominal wall and lose the abdominal pressure, which will affect the operation process.

Therefore, a scientific method is used to evaluate the puncture device密封性测试气密性检漏There must be many.

Because the puncture device is a medical product, it must ensure a very high pass rate. Then the puncture device seal detection, we need to do the data can be quantified, easy to save, good stability, high precision, please do not allow misjudgment.

At present, the sealing test equipment is relatively good for herrense Automation Technology Co., Ltd气密性检测设备

This is the use of gas tightness tester, is used to detect sealing performance, waterproof performance, IPX waterproof test for the purpose of testing equipment. It is widely used in many fields, such as medical products, electrical products, household appliances, etc.

It is also suitable for puncture device seal test and puncture device seal test气密性检测仪The test method is as follows.

Because the puncture device has no air port, it is necessary to make a sealed tooling for shape prevention, and then put the puncture device into the tooling. The air tightness detector inflates, stabilizes and tests the tooling to calculate the air leakage of the puncture device. According to the air leakage, the sealing performance of the puncture device can be judged, so as to achieve the purpose of puncture device sealing test

Due to the unique pneumatic system and small enough internal space of hermetic testing equipment, hermetic testing equipment can ensure the stability and accuracy of testing. It is equipped with history recording function and remote control function, and has the conditions for all puncture device sealing testing

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