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Waterproof test of automobile socket

Socket is everywhere, because the socket is not waterproof and caused by many faults, serious will bring some security risks, so the waterproof socket will be an important quality control point. How to ensure socketIP防水测试Quality will be a hot topic.

Socket generally does not need to soak in water for a long time, so many socket companies use ipx6, or ipx6IPX7防水测试Standards,Ipx6 waterproof testThe standard is Under the impact of strong waves or strong water spray, the water inflow of electrical appliances should not reach the harmful impact, ipx7防水检测The standard is that the socket is immersed in water for a certain period of time or the water pressure is below a certain standard, which can ensure that it will not be damaged due to water inflow.

How to test the waterproof of socket? The following is an introduction to the process and important technology of waterproof test of automobile socket by Harris Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

First of all, we need a universal one气密性检测仪, aliasWaterproof testerThis is a kind of airtight waterproof leak detection equipment with compressed air as the detection medium. The parameters are as follows

Test pressure: - 40 ~ 150kPa

Test accuracy: & amp; plusmn; 1pa

Gas source: 0.4 ~ 500kPa

Pressure regulation accuracy: 0.01kpa

Working environment: temperature - 20 ~ 40 ℃, humidity 25% ~ 65%

Power supply: AC 220 V

Test principle: pressure drop mode.

Appearance of air tightness detector


Then, according to the shape of the automobile socket, the waterproof test tooling of the lower seal is made to connect with the air flushing interface of the air tightness tester. Connect气密性检漏仪The power supply and gas source of the system.

Set the air tightness tester again to detect the necessary parameters of the car socket, such as the air pressure, test pressure, inflation time, stability time, test time, etc., then put the car socket into the sealing tooling, and then start the air tightness tester to test and record the leakage value of the car socket. The parameter setting interface is shown in the figure below

Finally, the tested car socket waterproof test experiment, and find out the car socket ipx6 waterproof test, or ipx7 waterproof test allowed the maximum leakage value, and input into the air tightness tester. Can carry out a batch of car socket waterproof test, ipx7 waterproof test. The following is the waterproof test video of automobile socket

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