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Tablet computer waterproof tester

Tablet PC has become a very common mobile device in daily life, but no matter which electronic device, there is always an accident of water, so waterproof Tablet PC has attracted people's attention, the focus is to achieve IP67 waterproof, IP protectionWaterproof test

With Huawei's latest & amp; ldquo; WaterPlay& rdquo; With the release of waterproof tablet computer, the waterproof function of tablet computer is no longer a dream, and the equipment for waterproof test of tablet computer is air tightnessWaterproof tester


IP67 waterproof testThe meaning of "prevent strong water spray" is that strong water spray on the shell from any direction will not cause harmful effects. Under normal temperature and pressure, when the tablet computer is temporarily immersed in 1m deep water, it will not cause harmful effects

It is not feasible for the traditional water immersion test method to support the waterproof test of the tablet computer, because once the water enters, the tablet computer will be damaged, so the new water immersion test method is usedAir tightness detectorThe tablet waterproof test is the most reliable method

New气密性检测仪How to test the tablet IP67 waterproof test?


First of all, we can make a relatively sealed test tooling according to the shape of the plane computer, then put the tablet computer into the test tooling, connect the air source, and then through the three stages of inflation, stabilization and detection, the waterproof tester will calculate the leakage value. According to the leakage, we can determine the ip67x waterproof grade of the tablet computer, and can also be used for IP68 waterproof grade test, The difference is only in the size of the leakage value and the test pressure

平板电脑防水测试仪The main technical parameters are as follows

Air supply pressure: 0.4 ~ 1.2MPa

Power supply voltage: 220 V / 50 Hz or 110 V / 60 Hz

Pressure regulation range: - 40 ~ - 0.5kpa, 5 ~ 150kPa

Pressure regulation accuracy: 0.1kpa

Pressure test range: - 60 ~ 150kPa

The minimum resolution of pressure attenuation test is 1pA

Minimum resolution of leakage flow test: 0.01ml/mi

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