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The electric toothbrush also needs to do waterproof test, and the instrument used is air tightness detector

Waterproof test仪

The popularity of electric toothbrush, emerged a variety of problems, and many of the problems are caused by the electric toothbrush is not waterproof, or IPX waterproof grade can not reach, so the electric toothbrush waterproof test is very necessary, can use the HarrisAir tightness testerThe waterproof grade of electric toothbrush ipx6 and ipx7 were tested and identified

Electric toothbrush also needs to be done防水测试The instrument used isAir tightness detector

Compared with other products, the probability of electric toothbrush contacting water is much higher, which also makes the waterproof of electric toothbrush an important quality control point, because once water enters, the circuit board inside may be directly short circuited, which is fatal to the battery inside and directly affects the product quality and the safety of users, so the waterproof requirements of electric toothbrush are very strict.

Today, the market is the most used with HarrisAir tightness detectorResearch on electric toothbrushIpx6ipx7ipx8Identification. This is a kind of airtight and waterproof detection equipment which uses compressed air and pressure drop as the detection principle. And suitable for toothbrush, camera, speaker, electronic products, bracelet, watch, etc

The traditional electric toothbrush waterproof method is very scientific. At present, the electric toothbrush in the market is basically sealed as a whole, so the waterproof performance is good, but it also brings challenges to the waterproof test. If the water immersion method is used, it is unscientific; First of all, the detection efficiency of soaking in water is very low. Secondly, it is also the most important, because many of the electric toothbrush shells are opaque. After soaking in water, you can only open them and then reassemble them. This is bound to have a hidden danger, because you need to reassemble them again. This process also has the risk of not being waterproof or not reaching the waterproof level

The new air tightness detector avoids this point. We use gas instead of water; Through the gas attenuation method and pressure drop method to detect whether there will be water leakage, because the electric toothbrush has no inflation port, so we will make an imitative precision sealing mold according to the shape of the electric toothbrush, and then put the electric toothbrush into the mold, the instrument will inflate the mold equally, and then calculate the leakage value, and judge the quality of the product according to the leakage value. So as to achieve the purpose of air tightness and waterproof detection

Because the electric toothbrush is relatively small, the test requirements are high, so the stability of the waterproof tester has a certain test. The most important factor of the stability of the image is the防水测试In order to ensure the stability and reliability of the air tightness and water proofing test, the internal space should be small enough (1.5cc)


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