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Unveiling the method of airtightness detection and airtightness detection of automobile lamps

Before the replacement of water inspection by air tightness inspection of lamps, the waterproof inspection of lamps is not mature in China at present, and many air tightness inspection also exist in name only, including the use of leak detector. Most small and medium-sized enterprises use leak detector, which is a decoration, and has no effect on the actual inspection; Today, let's take a look at how to use Harris air tightness test for car lights

There are two kinds of lamp air tightness detection, one is with inflatable port, the other is completely sealed lamp, which can not inflate the interior; The air tightness tester with high repeatability should be selected for the test. You can consult Shenzhen Harris air tightness tester Co., Ltd;

1. For lamps with gas filling port, we can directly connect the test port of the air tightness tester to the gas filling port of the lamps, and block the other holes with high sealing plug, then inflate, stabilize and test the whole system, read out the data directly through the air tightness tester, and judge the results;

2. For completely sealed lamps, the above method can not be used at all. Then, we can use the air tightness tester in the sealed test mode to put the lamps into a closed chamber. In the first stage, the air tightness tester is filled with a certain pressure to release the gas into the whole system to determine whether there is a very large leakage, We call this process to determine the gross leakage. If there is no gross leakage, then enter the second stage to inflate, stabilize and test the whole system. The equipment will test the result value to determine whether the lamp has leakage and the leakage rate of the lamp;

At present, the requirements of the lighting industry are higher and higher, and more customers require the lighting to meet a certain waterproof level. The traditional water inspection has been completely unable to adapt to the current mass production testing. As the most cost-effective air tightness testing instrument, the air tightness tester is suitable for mass on-line full inspection. Shenzhen Harris Automation Technology Co., Ltd. precision air tightness test instrument has very rich experience in the detection of lamps and lanterns. While providing air tightness test scheme and equipment for lamps and lanterns for a long time, it has a set of very professional test means for waterproof detection of lamps and lanterns. If you need to know anything, you can contact us

The parameters of Harris seal detector are as follows:

Air supply pressure: 0.4 ~ 1.2MPa

Power supply voltage: 220 V / 50 Hz or 110 V / 60 Hz

Pressure regulation range: - 40 ~ - 0.5kpa, 5 ~ 150kPa

Pressure regulation accuracy: 0.1kpa

Pressure test range: - 80 ~ 150kPa

The minimum resolution of pressure attenuation test is 1pA

Minimum resolution of leakage flow test: 0.01ml/min

This kind of sealing test equipment is not only suitable for the sealing test of mixer, but also suitable for the sealing test and air tightness test of other products, as shown in the figure below

Cases of some customers using air tightness testing equipment

  • Battery sealing test

  • Speaker waterproof level test

  • Test of automobile equipment protection level

  • Mobile IP waterproof level tester

  • IP protection level detection of speaker

  • IP protection level detection of smart home

  • Sealing test of sailboat battery

  • Motor protection level test

This article originates from the ten years of hairuisi Automation Technology Co., Ltd. (www.hairuisi. CN), focusing on the R & D, production and sales of air tightness testing, waterproof testing, air tightness testing and sealing testing equipment

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