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Unveil the mystery of the air tightness detector to detect the air tightness and the accuracy of the air tightness

for fear ofAir tightness detector detectionIf the air tightness is not up to standard, we should learn how to judge whether the air tightness tester is leaking and how to test it. Next, let's see how it works.

The principle of air tightness detector: the instrument inputs compressed air with precise control pressure into the test piece or test tooling, and then automatically turns off the air supply. The solenoid valve accurately controls the air flow balance within the specified time, and then turns off the solenoid valve (to eliminate the fluctuation of air pressure). The air tightness detection passes the subtle change of air pressure in the test piece or test tooling, The attenuation of pressure is measured within the specified time, and then the pressure drop caused by the actual leakage of the test piece is obtained through temperature compensation, so as to judge whether the test piece is leaking or not.

The air tightness of the specimen is one of the important factors to ensure the success of the experiment. The main reason is that the internal space of the air tightness detector must be small enough, otherwise the volume of an internal part will reduce the fluctuation of air pressure, which will affect the test accuracy of air tightness. The air tightness detector of Shenzhen Hailisi has less than 1.5cc, which is enough to ensure the measurement, stability and accuracy requirements.

Another important factor is that the detection tooling must be precise. If the detection tooling is not precise enough and the space is too large, then the tiny leakage can not be detected accurately, because the internal space will reduce part of the pressure fluctuation, such as a little water flowing from the sea and sky, then the change of the sea is too small, But if a drop of water leaks from a small container, its change is very obvious. Therefore, the detection tooling of air tightness detector must be precise, otherwise the effect of air tightness detection is not very ideal

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