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Can seal detector be used in beverage industry

With the improvement of living standards, people attach great importance to food health and safety. In the beverage industry, the sealing of bottle cap determines the quality of beverage

Quantity. use密封检测仪It can effectively detect the sealing performance of the product, ensure the quality of the product, and achieve food safety. since

However, the seal detector is widely used in beverage industryTest the sealing of the product cover.The following is explained by Harris technology

Let's comparecommonOfSeveral drinksOfThe sealing of the cover is qualifiedOfindex

(1)Gas bearingOfPETBottle of drink, in1.0 Mpa

(2)Gas freeOfPETBottle of drink, in0.2 Mpa

(3)Gas freeOfPlastic coverAluminum coverGlass bottles:, in0.2 Mpa

(4)Can ormeansCannedOfDrinks, in0.2Mpa (For example, Wang Laoji)


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