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IP waterproof grade test and air tightness test method of electric toothbrush
Electric toothbrush can remove dental stains, so the demand for electric toothbrush has been rapid development. In order to be successful, the IP waterproof function of electric toothbrush is indispensable. Since the waterproof and sealing protection function of the electric toothbrush is so important, how to do the waterproof IP level of the electric toothbrush? The following will be told by Shenzhen hairuisi Automatic Technology Co., Ltd!




Electric toothbrush is a kind of electronic product, which people use everyday. So it has the characteristics of small and exquisite, so it is rightAir tightness detectorThe requirements of the government will be raised. For example, the internal volume of the air tightness detector must be small. If the internal space of the air tightness detector is too large, it must not be detected. For example, a drop of water in the sea will not change the sea. But how about a small cup? So its impact is huge. In the same way, if the tiny gas leaks out, the pressure difference of the small space gas tightness detector is huge. Therefore, the internal space of the air tightness detector is small, and the detection accuracy will be much higher. Therefore, for the detection of electric toothbrush IP66 IP67 waterproof grade is no problem!
There are many manufacturers who develop and produce air tightness detectors, such as CTS abroad. They don't do detection tooling. And I, Shenzhen Hai Ruisi, provide one-stop service. The electric toothbrush generally does not have an air port, so we need to make a tooling, put the electric toothbrush into the tooling, and then use the airtightness detector of Harris to detect. The following figure is the IP waterproof level test site of the electric toothbrush of a company
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