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What kind of IP waterproof grade should electric vehicle accessories achieve and how to detect it?

With the coming of summer, all kinds of electric vehicles across the country have entered a rainy season. At this time, many areas in the South and the North may suffer from the invasion of rain. As users of electric vehicles, waterproof should be the key to this situation. So, next, let's talk about which parts of electric vehicles are most afraid of water, and how should we be waterproof? So what kind of IP waterproof grade should we achieve? How to test the quality of electric vehicle partsIP waterproof gradeWhat about it?

First of all, we should find out which parts of the electric car need to pay attention to waterproof. What is the IP waterproof level?

From the whole design and focus of the electric vehicle, the battery, motor, controller and lighting are the four major parts of the electric vehicle, which are constantly following the electric vehicle, and these four parts are also the main reasons for the short circuit of the electric vehicle into the water and the inability to ride.

1、 Water in motor

Nowadays, most of the electric vehicle motors on the market are rear mounted, and the motor is the main component with the lowest distance from the riding ground, which is most likely to enter water. Once the water enters, it is the main part causing short circuit. In riding, if it involves deep water, it is easy to cause rainwater to enter the motor shaft and short circuit the motor circuit, which leads to the problem of unable to ride. And the electric motor is the soul of the core components of the electric car, but the price is more expensive, so the IP waterproof level must be high school, to do all aspects can withstand the impact of water, soaking. Then only reach IP67 waterproof grade and IP67 above waterproof grade. Because IP67 waterproof grade means to completely prevent the entry of dust, can withstand the strong water jet from each direction to the motor, should not cause damage. When immersed in water for a short time under standard pressure, there should be no harmful water. So its detection can use the IP waterproof detection equipment of Harris

2、 Short circuit caused by water in controller

Generally, the controller is arranged under the rear seat, which is relatively airtight and not directly exposed to the air. However, some simple electric vehicle controllers are transferred under the car beam, which are in a low position and easy to enter the water, and also easy to cause short circuit after wading into the water. So the waterproof requirements of the controller should be IP66. IP66 can withstand all aspects of water jet without affecting the use of the controller and the adverse factors caused by water, because the possibility of the controller being soaked in water is very small, unless the electric car is top configuration, it needs to be waterproof above IP67. IP66 IP67 waterproof detection of electric vehicle controller can also use airtightness detection equipment of Harris automatic technology, which can be applied to different working conditions and IP waterproof level detection

3、 Short circuit of battery

Battery is the power source of electric vehicles, if the battery water will easily lead to battery short circuit, resulting in battery power failure, and even cause the risk of electric shock. So the detection of the IP waterproof level of the battery is also indispensable. Therefore, if you want to make the electric vehicle waterproof, you need to make the motor, controller and battery waterproof. The waterproof detection of the battery can also use the airtight leak detection equipment of Harris automatic technology, because if the country is promoting new energy electric vehicles, the battery of electric vehicles must be more complex than that of electric vehicles, and our company can also detect the battery of electric vehicles, of course, electric vehicles

And want to electric car sales to a higher level, then electric car lighting IP waterproof grade must also be lack of it. Our company can also detect the same IP waterproof test of lamps, such as IP65 waterproof test of LED lamps, IP65 waterproof test of street lamps, IP66 waterproof test of solar lamps, IP67 waterproof test of underwater lamps, etc.

Throughout many air tightness testing equipment companies in the world, many brands of air tightness testing equipment have done a lot of research and experimental work on waterproof testing, sealing testing and IP level testing, and achieved good results. In the places of waterproof test, sealing test, IP grade test and leakage detection, we can often see the shuttle figure of airtight leak detection equipment of Harris company, which can also show that the detection ability of airtight leak detection equipment of Shenzhen Harris company is extraordinary to some extent. Really went to the world


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