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Sealing test method of air tightness tester

Air tightness test method

The air tightness of electronic products, daily necessities, outdoor products, military products, valves and pipes, auto parts, medical equipment, etcAir tightness testWith the development of science and technology. For example, most of them are compressed air tightness detector

With the improvement of modern technology, the air tightness test standard of products is also greatly improved, resulting in new leak detection methods. The air tight leak detector needs to be equipped with high-precision pressure sensor to improve the detection accuracy. The air tight leak detector can detect the tiny leakage of the workpiece in a short time. According to the process of different manufacturers, there are great differences in product design. International and domestic units can be set according to international standards, national standards or process requirements. The air tight leak detector will automatically carry out inflation, balance, detection, judgment, exhaust, display, alarm, information transmission and other operations according to the set test parameters and standards. So as to eliminate the influence of human factors in the detection, and realize the standardization, high efficiency and automation of leakage detection.

Air tightness detector is also known as leak detector, leak detector, air leakage detection equipment, waterproof detector, seal detector, IP level detector. In the past, water immersion method or soapy water spraying method were mostly used to check the leakage of workpieces, and the leakage of workpieces was judged according to the visual inspection of testers. The size of the leakage depends on the subjective judgment of the tester, so it is difficult to eliminate the influence of human factors on the test results, and it also determines that it can not quantitatively measure the leakage rate of the workpiece. In addition, after the test with this method, it is necessary to clean, dry and antirust the workpiece, which brings unnecessary trouble to the production. It will cause secondary pollution and extremely low production efficiency

The working principle of air tightness detector and its air tightness detection method: as a common leakage detection method, sometimes the pressure sensor can be used to directly measure the pressure change inside the measured workpiece, and then calculate the leakage of the workpiece. However, when the leakage test environment is complex, the accuracy requirements are high, or the test pressure is high, the leakage is small, this method will have high requirements on the sensor. Shenzhen Harris air tightness detector adopts the high-precision pressure sensor imported from the United States, which needs to make a detection tooling according to the characteristics of the product. The stable detection gas source is provided by the gas source according to the detection requirements, and then it is pressurized to the tested workpiece through the equipment. When the internal pressure of the workpiece reaches the detection pressure, the gas enters the detection stage after a period of stability. When the detected workpiece has no leakage, the detection pressure basically remains unchanged. When the detected workpiece has leakage, the gas pressure in the workpiece gradually decreases with the leakage of gas from the detected workpiece. The pressure sensor outputs the corresponding pressure change in real time, and then according to the preset parameters, the system automatically judges whether the leakage exists, and then the IP waterproof grade and leakage volume of the product can be obtained The sealing effect is improved, the detection process is fully automated, the influence of human factors is eliminated, the production efficiency and accuracy are improved, and the secondary pollution will not be caused




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