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What is the principle of airtightness test of Hermes seal detection system? What are the advantages of this method
The equation of state of ideal gas is obtained by physical research, that is, P is the pressure of gas, V is the volume of gas, t is the temperature of gas, and R is the universal constant of gas, that is, the constant that is generally applicable to all gases (indicating that air is close to ideal gas). The stability is very good. This equation shows that, in the case of constant temperature, after a certain period of time (generally more than 20s), the volume of its inner cavity does not change, and if the pressure in the cavity drops by a certain value △ P, it can be judged that the workpiece "has leakage", and the tightness of the product can be judged according to the amount of leakage.This is the basic principle of using gas to test the sealing performance of the workpiece. The electronic air leak detector based on this principle has become the fastest, most effective and most practical automatic sealing test instrument so far.
Of course, whether the workpiece is sealed or not is a relative concept. Every workpiece has a certain air leakage, and absolute "no leakage" does not exist. When we say that the workpiece has no liquid leakage, we can define an air leakage rate based on it. We use air as the medium to test most parts to ensure that there is no liquid leakage. Therefore, we can't define how much air or other gases these parts don't leak. We can only say that at a specific pressure, the amount of leakage is compressible, and the viscosity is low, and it can be collected at will, which means that the speed of air passing through the leakage point is 200-400 times faster than that of liquid. Air essentially has no surface tension or viscosity, which makes it easier to pass through small leaks than liquid. However, leakage through which air can pass is not necessarily leakage for liquids. This is why it is necessary to define a maximum allowable air leakage when using air as the medium for seal leak detection. To determine the tightness of the product.
Harris'sSeal detection systemAfter years of development and running in, it has been very mature, and now it has launched a series of specialized air tightness testing equipment, such as IP waterproof grade testing equipment, wire sealing testing equipment, camera IP waterproof grade testing equipment, sports speaker waterproof testing equipment, etc., which can provide customized waterproof, sealing, IP, testing scheme for free.


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