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How to choose the air tightness testing equipment?

With the development of market and the improvement of economy, there are more standardized requirements for quality,Air tightness testMore and more requirements are adopted by various manufacturers, which is a good front to promote the development of air tightness testing industry, so how to chooseAir tightness testing equipmentWhat about it

The development of market economy also promotes the development of sealing detection instruments. More companies invest in this sales, resulting in uneven products, more manufacturers of air tightness detection instruments, and great price differences. Imported instruments such as frelich of Germany, ateq of France, Cosmo of Japan, and some domestic units. It can be said that how to choose the right air tightness detector is the most critical. As a company developing, producing and selling air tightness testing equipment, Harris gives you some suggestions.

1. The stability and repeatability of the leak detector test whether the main product of a quality detector can withstand the verification of the same product at different times. If the data of the same product at different times is large, it does not meet the requirements of the detection. The repeatability and stability of the leak detector can reach the accuracy of 0.1pA, Reach the level of import detector in the same industry.

2. The selection of product components, a reliable detection and sealing instrument, first of all, the reliability of instrument components, the stability coefficient and detection accuracy of pressure sensor and flow sensor itself determine whether the instrument you buy can meet the requirements, the test accuracy of pressure sensor generally needs to reach 0.01% F.S, Does the instrument you purchased have specific technical parameters?

3. The selection of testing methods, domestic enterprises are really doing original research and development are not many, different product testing methods are different, products include metal parts, casting parts, plastic parts, etc., the testing methods of each product are different, professional researchers and technicians can provide better technology to help customers successfully test the sealing of products. Sometimes, even if the purchased product is imported, the most expensive, and the method is improper, the product can not be detected, and it may also affect the quality of the company's products, so the method of checking the air tightness is very important.

Shenzhen hairuisiThe leak detector combines the advantages of domestic and foreign leak detectors, together with independent research and development, greatly improves the performance of the product, develops a leak detector suitable for domestic production line, and conducts a long time research on the air tightness test method, which can better realize the air tightness test. At the same time, in order to let customers use the leak detector better and faster, Shenzhen Harris automation has developed remote control function to improve the detection efficiency. The waterproof testing equipment, air tightness testing equipment, IP waterproof testing equipment and other types of air tightness tester produced by Shenzhen herrense company can cooperate with non-standard testing equipment to maximize the optimization of customer's testing site. It can realize automatic and semi-automatic production, and provide professional detection scheme on demand

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