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Happy summer tour of Harris Technology

In June, in this hot season, hiris technology arranged a one-day tour of Dr. CAI for his family. Since he has no leisure in life and politics, he has been busy for several times. At 8:00 in the morning, we started from Harris technology and arrived at our destination one after another. As soon as we got off the bus, we felt a green world and a beautiful mood...

After everyone arrived at the destination, they gathered for roll call and explained the precautions for everyone to play. Then they began to move freely like runaway wild horses. Some immediately pulled up tables and chairs and began to fight against the landlord.Playing mahjong, some like naughty children began to climb trees and pick lychees, some three started hiking, looking at the white clouds against the blue sky, feeling the cool stream in the hot summer, enjoying the cool waves after the breeze. At this time, the scene is like a paradise in the world...

Towards noon,Here we goGroup Cooking: YesWashing vegetablesSome cut meatSome rolled up their sleeves to make a fireIt's a pleasure to be busy one by one. Especially the male compatriots, usually busy work, did not find that they are also good at cooking. Look at their skilful skills, bigThe family joked that the men of Harris all graduated from New Oriental School. Even President Zhang of Harris cut shredded potatoes, which was a slip What is life? Fireworks is life. The most beautiful thing is daily life. Fireworks is the most beautiful thing in the world. In this time of eating your own food, a taste of happiness rises in your heart...

After dinner, everyone gathered around to play games. Finally, the one-day tour of Harris technology in summer ended happily with the singing of the loving family. Thank you, Hercules

Thanks for the company of every family and a full day with each other!

I hope we can devote ourselves to the following work with more passion and enthusiasm.

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