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A childlike engagement with children

Time flies, time flies, in the twinkling of an eye2020Half way through, when we forget where the time has gone in our busy day after day, the children have ushered in the happiest festival of the year & amp; ldquo; June 1 children's day & rdquo;。Children are the flowers of the motherland and the hope of every family.

When the children are looking forward to the arrival of the festival, I certainly hope that their parents can prepare a holiday blessing for them. Especially for working parents, a gift for children is not only a simple gift, but also can make them feel the concern of their parents far away. Now you don't have to worry about choosing gifts. Harris is ready for you. Harris technology has prepared different gifts for boys and girls, lovely dolls for girls and electric cars for boys.

When the gift with mom and dad's blessing is quietly sent to the children's hands, this festival will certainly add a colorful beauty to the children's heart. Here, Harris technology wishes every child: happy children's day, and I wish you a happy golden childhood.

Life needs a little affection and a sense of ceremony. Although the activity is small and the gift is light, it brings a heavy love to herrense. The children's Day gift giving activities not only enhanced the feelings between employees and children, but also made employees feel a little bit of attention.

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