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Happy goddess's Day

Warm spring, March, everythingRecovery.war& ldquo;Pestilence& rdquo;Good news is constantly coming from the front line, and we are about to usher in the first festival after returning to work& ldquo;three point eightGoddess day& rdquo;! ad locumHarris wishes all womenHappy goddess day~

Women are like flowers, every scene is a unique scenery, every moment has a different beauty, spring breeze ten miles, not as beautiful as you.

2020In, because of the influence of COVID-19, public activities were not allowed at this time even in an open city. So this year, we can't go out to the movies and have dinner as usual...But in this special day, Harris still prepared a unique gift for each girl, hoping that they can feel the company's heart on this special day.

Harris technology is a high-tech company that produces and develops air tightness testing equipment. Although the company produces instruments, many women are active in all departments of the company. They are mothers,It's a wife,It's my daughter. While balancing the family, they also do their duty for the company with their carefulness and patience. Here I say to you: Ladies and goddesses, hard work!

Finally, we wish all the girls a happy goddess's day. May you be a woman who has a dream and a rich heart without fear of time!

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