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Never forget the original intention and continue to be brilliant

2019 is over, 2020 is coming! Every step we have taken is the process of pursuing our dreams. In the past 2019, it is an extraordinary year for Harris, and it is also a year of rapid development after a long time of honing.

Summing up the past is for better progress!

January 11, 2020, with & amp; ldquo; Do not forget the original intention and continue to be brilliant & amp; rdquo; As the theme, the year-end summary meeting of Harris 19 was held as scheduled in the conference room on the second floor. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Huang, the sales director. Mr. Zhang, the sales director, all sales leaders and all sales staff attended the meeting. The conference opened in the relaxed and melodious music

First of all, Mr. Huang, the sales director, made a speech at the meeting2019 is an exciting year for Harris. In this year, Harris has achieved strong cooperation with many of the world's top 500 enterprises; The company's sales performance has achieved exponential growth, which is twice as high as that in 2018, greatly exceeding the annual sales target; In 2019, Harris will become a domestic companyAir tightness testing equipmentThe company is the largest supplier of air tightness testing, and has established the benchmarking position of Harris in the air tightness testing industry.

Achievements and efforts are inseparable. Every small achievement and great brilliance of Harris is inseparable from the hard work of every employee. I always think that the figure of struggle is the most beautiful, so the family of Harris is the most beautiful. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to every employee who has helped and worked hard for the development of Harris. It's because of you that Harris is today.

At the summing up meeting, president ZhangIndividuals and teams with outstanding achievements in 2019 will be awarded medals and prizes. Thanks to these brave men who lead herrense to forge ahead and win one big order after another, and encourage them to make persistent efforts with dream as horse and sweat as spring, and continue to be brilliant in 2020.

Experience summary:

We discussed it at the meetingThe reasons and experience for the success in 2019, and the development planning and work deployment for 2020.

1. In 2019, hiris has grasped the air outlet of smart watch, and won the favor of many big customers by virtue of years of air tightness testing industry experience and excellent technical strength. Therefore, grasping big customers and serving them well is the key to our rapid growth.

2. According to the market demand, Harris continuously introduces new air tightness testing equipment. It has successively launched six series of air tightness testing equipment, and recently launched HD ingenuity series, differential pressure, flow, real water and other testing instruments. Change is the only law of all things in the world. All things are changing. Only by seeking change, adapting and fearing change can we keep up with the development of the market.

3. Service first, air tightness testing equipment as a testing instrument, must let customers rest assured, Harris always fast, efficient, high-quality service as its service purpose, there are 24 hours outside the province, 8 hours within the province efficient after-sales service, also won the unanimous recognition of customers.

4. Enhance the strength of the team, one person is not as strong as the team. In 2019, Harris began to realize the strength of the team. The strength of a team is definitely 1 + 1 > 2. We should make full use of the advantages of each salesman, learn from each other, and work together to achieve the rapid growth of sales performance and enhance the team synergy. This is our experience to continue to carry forward.

At the meeting, everyone spoke freely, shared successful experiences and lessons from failure, and made comments on themThe market in 2020 is analyzed and predicted. Although the coming year is unknown, we all think that 2020 is a very critical year. From various data, we can see thatAir tightness testing equipmentThe market has become more mature and the competition is more intense.

As Heaven keeps vigor through movement, a gentleman should unremittingly practice self-improvement.Passion and sweat make the past come true, reason and strength make the future. We have every reason to believe that,2020 will be a more exciting year. The work of Harris will be carried out in an orderly way, and its performance will also achieve steady growth. More grand blueprint waiting for us to write

Finally, thank you for your trust and support. We will never forget our original intention and make persistent efforts!

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