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Principle and parameter sharing of Harris air flow leakage detector

There are not only many kinds of products in Harris technologyAir tightness testing equipmentAt the same time, we also provide air flow leak detector and real water tester for customers. The air flow leak detector is an excellent tool for the leakage test of large volume workpieces, as well as the measurement of aperture and gap.

For the detection of IP67 products, it is necessary to distinguish the products with leakage and those without leakage. But for the products that only need to reach IP65, the air tightness testing equipment is not easy to test. Flow tester is needed to test qualified products.


(audio panel flow leakage detection equipment)

For the flow type air leak detector, its working principle is as follows:

Flow test is generally used to test a leaky product, that is, to allow a certain amount of leakage; The air supply side of the air source maintains a certain pressure continuously to ensure that the pressure on the left side of the test sample remains unchanged and the product has a leak. Under the effect of pressure, the product is leaking all the time because the air source is supplying gas all the time. As long as the product leaks, the air source will replenish gas into the product (the leakage speed of the product is less than the supply speed of the air source). If the pressure remains unchanged, the product will leak, Then the gas supply speed of the gas source to the product interior will not change. The gas supply speed is the flow rate. The larger the product leakage is, the faster the leakage is. The gas source will supply gas to the product interior faster, so the flow rate will increase. If the leak of the product is blocked, the product will not leak. If the internal pressure of the product remains unchanged, the gas source will not inflate the product, and the flow will be zero. Therefore, the flow test is generally applicable to the condition that the product is allowed to leak.

The test results of air flow leak detector have nothing to do with the shape and volume of the workpiece to be tested, and directly detect the actual air flow of the channel to be tested. The test parameters of Harris air flow leak detector are shown in the figure below:

The air supply pressure is 0.4 ~ 1.2MPa

The power supply voltage is 220 V / 50 Hz or 110 V / 60 Hz

Instrument model flow type tester hcl-l-p-01

Flow range 0 ~ 1000sccm

The pressure regulation accuracy is 0.1kpa

The minimum resolution is 0.1 SCCM

At present, Harris technology has five series of productsAir tightness testing equipmentAt the same time, it can provide flow leakage detection function, real water test function, there are a variety of product leakage detection methods, if you are interested in our products, welcome to call Harris technology.

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