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Care for employees, warm Mid Autumn Festival~~

When Osmanthus fragrans are fragrant, the moon is full and the Mid Autumn Festival is near

It's the best season in the world. I wish I could have the mid autumn festival every year

Mid Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese festival, symbolizing reunion and harvest. As the Mid Autumn Festival approaches, Harris technology has prepared holiday gifts for every Harris family as a reward for their hard work. The gifts include moon cakes and Luzhou flavor yoghurt, which are indispensable for the Mid Autumn Festival. The moon cake carries the blessings of Hercules technology for the happiness of every family member.


Looking at this hill like Festival gift, we all happily wish each other, wish you: every year today, every year reunion.

Although we are from all over the country, our fate brings us together in herrense. We all strive for our ideals and a better tomorrow in our best years. I believe this is also a feeling of happiness.

Shenzhen hairuisi Automation Technology Co., Ltd. was established inIn 2008, it is a large-scale high-tech enterprise with independent research and development, manufacturing and sales of air tightness detector and its supporting inspection tools.afterAfter 11 years of development, it has become the only domestic enterprise that can compete with international famous brands. In the process of development, Harris has always adhered to the people-oriented line, concerned about the personal life of employees, often organized rich spare time activities, and worked hard to improve the happiness index of employees in Harris.

This time& ldquo; Mid Autumn Festival & amp; rdquo; The activity has been unanimously affirmed by all of us. Every employee of Harris will work hard in the future to build China's top air tightness testing equipment with the mission of Harris.

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