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Leading watch / Bracelet manufacturer of Harris technology visited our company

2019On February 21, a delegation from Huizhou Longqi electronics visited our companyguidanceHarris technology warmly received the visiting guests,And onAbout watch / BraceletThe problems of waterproof detection are discussed in depth.

first,Harris TechnologyThrough ppt explanation,Let themTo our companyWhat are the development and customer casesA general understanding of the watch bracelet air tightness test methodAlso have a deeper understanding



Then,TogethervisitIt's overInstrument demonstration in company exhibition hallareaas well asSample area。 Let them know more about the test principle and operation process of our watch / bracelet.



Then, follow the project manager to the siteProduction siteInspectedProduction situationAnd my company's current production tasks


After the investigation, Huizhou Longqi electronic company's investment in our company was very highStrength expressionRecognized that we are in the air tightness testtechnologyIt's very professional.


This visit and exchangeNot onlyDeepenedWeUnderstanding each other,moreFor the next stepdepthCooperation has laid a good foundation.

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