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Electric toothbrush waterproof test, IP67 waterproof test equipment technology revealed

Electric toothbrush IPWaterproof test设备, Harris气密性检测设备, which can be used for electric toothbrushWaterproof testOur equipment

Electric toothbrush is a new product for human brushing in the future; Harris waterproof detector, the gospel of electric toothbrush industry,Waterproof testing equipmentThe pioneers of China.

Compared with ordinary toothbrush, electric toothbrush has more waterproof requirements, and waterproof function has become a new highlight and selling point of this rising foreign army. Especially the electric toothbrush防水检测Methods, methods, and electric toothbrushWaterproof testing equipmentIt has also become the role pursued by various businesses. So what kind of electric toothbrush waterproof detection equipment is more advanced and reliable? To ensure the absolute waterproof quality of the electric toothbrush, there is still a lot of knowledge in it. Hereis automation focuses on the field of high-precision waterproof detection, and provides the most advanced waterproof detection instruments for major manufacturers for a long time.

Compared with other products, the electric toothbrush is always in contact with water when it is used. Once the water enters, the circuit board inside may be directly short circuited, which directly affects the product quality. Therefore, the waterproof requirements of the electric toothbrush are very strict.

At present, the electric toothbrush on the market is basically sealed as a whole, so the waterproof performance is good, but it also brings challenges to the test. If the traditional water immersion test is used, it is unscientific; First of all, the detection efficiency of soaking in water is very low. Secondly, it is also the most important because many of the electric toothbrush shells are opaque. After soaking in water, you can only open them and then reassemble them back. This is bound to cause a hidden danger. When assembling, employees may make mistakes in assembling and lose the waterproof function.

And Shenzhen Harris air tightness防水检测设备The water-proof detection method of our company avoids this point. We use gas instead of water detection; Through the gas attenuation method to detect whether there will be water leakage, because the electric toothbrush has no inflation port, so we will make an imitative precision sealing mold according to the shape of the electric toothbrush, and then put the product into the mold, the instrument will inflate the mold equally, and then calculate the leakage value, and judge the quality of the product according to the leakage value. So as to achieve the purpose of waterproof detection.

In this way, not only the test results are guaranteed, the working environment is clean, the product appearance is guaranteed, and the efficiency is greatly improved.

Hiris automation innovation creates a high-precision waterproof detector, which has a very small internal space (1.5cc), which can maximize the stability and reliability of the test. And equipped with imported high-sensitivity pressure sensor, the detection accuracy can reach 1pA, which can completely meet the requirements of waterproof test of electric toothbrush. This detection accuracy can be described objectively, so that bubbles with large leakage needle eye can be detected without error every minute. In this way, greatly improve the work efficiency of waterproof detection, through the high-precision waterproof detector to detect its indicators, help manufacturers or other electric home to do more standard products! Make the product more perfect.

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