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How to choose waterproof detector

An unpublished guide to the purchase of waterproof tester,Air tightness testInternal secrets of IP waterproof detector manufacturer

First, we need to understandWaterproof testWhat do you do? And it's waterproof test method, and recently adopted IP waterproof test standard is how to define, currently popularWaterproof testerWhat are the main points?

Waterproof tester, also known as air tightness tester, sealing tester, air tightness leak detector. The main function is to test the waterproof ability, excellent sealing performance, IP waterproof test and grade identification, and leakage of the product

It is mainly used in: mobile phone waterproof test, camera waterproof test, connector air tightness test, battery pack air tightness test, bracelet IP66 waterproof test, and higher IPX waterproof grade test appraisal, online sealing test, flow test, etc.

With the development of the times, people have higher and higher requirements for waterproof. Due to the better development of air tightness waterproof tester, many waterproof tester manufacturers have emerged. Among them, hiris waterproof tester has ten years of testing and R & D experience, and has a large number of waterproof testing groups. It is one of the few popular air tightness testers, Waterproof tester production research and development sales company.

In many waterproof detector manufacturers, how to choose it, mainly to see the following points.

Waterproof tester

1、 Waterproof detection accuracy requirements!

Accuracy: in防水测试仪The air tightness leak detector industry is always the first, especially the ipx6 waterproof test of micro components or the higher level of IP waterproof test,. In the air tightness test, the unit of accuracy in the waterproof detection industry is generally PA. For example, the waterproof detection of the bracelet requires high accuracy of the waterproof detector. Because of the small volume of the bracelet and the small internal space, the waterproof tester is used for detection. Because it only leaks a little air, it has reached the internal and external pressure balance. In the case of low accuracy, it is impossible to prepare to detect the waterproof grade of ipx6 and ipx7 of the bracelet. The new air tightness tester of Shenzhen Hailisi automatic technology adopts the unique pneumatic technology. The internal space is only (1.5cc), which can effectively ensure the accuracy of the test. The maximum air tightness has passed 0.1pA, that is to say, the bubbles with the size of the leaking needle eye can be detected accurately every minute

2、 The stability requirements of waterproof detector.

Waterproof detectorThe stability of the product is related to the testing quality of the product. Therefore, an excellent waterproof test equipment has better stability, which is an important technical index for it to occupy the market. Therefore, how to ensure the stability of the waterproof test is very important. The important factor is that the change of temperature and humidity will cause the sensitivity of the sensor, so the waterproof test equipment should have a temperature compensation control system, so that the change of temperature will not cause the instability of the test. This is the unique air tightness test technology of Harris waterproof test

3、 The efficiency of waterproof detection is the speed of IPX waterproof level test.

With the development of industry and the increase of cost, many companies have put efficiency in the first place. So air tightness, waterproof test, sealing test industry is no exception. The air tightness and waterproof tester, which can realize automatic detection and intelligent detection, has attracted more attention from all aspects. Therefore, the waterproof tester should have the function of automatic leak detection.

4、 Intelligent waterproof tester.

With the development of artificial intelligence, an air tightness and waterproof tester with high intelligence is obviously more concerned by customers. Such as networking, remote control and so on. And the earth to facilitate the waterproof test data tracking, archiving, analysis and other needs.

5、 Positive and negative pressure function of waterproof detector

With the increasing complexity of products, some products are not suitable for positive pressure detection, and some products are not suitable for negative pressure detection. Moreover, the air tightness waterproof detector integrated with positive and negative pressure function is the need of the market, which can be suitable for more and more complex IPX waterproof test and air tightness leakage detection conditions

Harris防水测试仪The main technical parameters are as follows:

Air supply pressure: 0.4 ~ 1.2MPa

Power supply voltage: 220 V / 50 Hz or 110 V / 60 Hz

Pressure regulation range: - 40 ~ - 0.5kpa, 5 ~ 150kPa

Pressure regulation accuracy: 0.1kpa

Pressure test range: - 80 ~ 150kPa

The minimum resolution of pressure attenuation test is 1pA

Minimum resolution of leakage flow test: 0.01ml/min

Application fields:

  • Automotive Industry:Waterproof test of automobile lamp, waterproof test of engine parts, vehicle camera, etc.
  • Battery industry:Waterproof test for welding line of lithium battery shell, sealing test for terminal and shell, etc.
  • Home appliance industry:Coffee machine, juicer, blender, kettle and other products with waterproof requirements.
  • Smart wear:Smart bracelet, watch, underwater alarm, etc.
  • E-consumption:Sports audio, Bluetooth speaker, hair remover, electric brush, electric bath head, etc.
  • Military supplies:Walkie talkie, handheld walkie talkie, car mounted walkie talkie, three defense mobile phone, etc.
  • Valve piping:Valve sealing, pipeline permeability, joint sealing test, etc.

Classic application cases of waterproof detector

  • 电池防水检测仪


  • 音箱IPX防水测试仪


  • 线束防水检测


  • 手机IP防水测试<


  • 音箱IP防水测试


  • 智能家居IP防水测试


  • 帆船电池气密性测试


  • 电机防水检测<


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