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The importance of bearing seal, seal detection equipment for the detection of bearing seal

The importance of bearing seal, seal detection equipment for the detection of bearing seal

It has been more than four years since the bearing was installed with sealing device. In the past, the bearings were all open type. In order to ensure the lubrication and dust prevention of the bearing, the sealing device was installed on the shaft at both ends of the bearing. With the development of industry, especially the food industry, the popularization of modern office machinery and household appliances, and the development of automation, it is required that the equipment should be compact in design, light in weight, waterproof and air leakage proof, which leads to the bearing with sealing device. First of all, it is widely used in a large number of deep groove bearings. In recent years, all kinds of rolling bearings have bearings with different sealing rings. Bearing sealing is one of the important directions of bearing technology development. At present, one quarter of China's bearing production has installed sealing rings. In the next decade, there will be 2-3 kinds of bearing structures every year, and 20-30 million sets of bearings will develop into sealing structure bearings. Different structure bearings and different working conditions require different seal ring structures and materials, so the research and development workload is very large. Therefore, a seal detection equipment is needed in the mass production or research stage. The seal detection equipment of Shenzhen Hailisi automation technology is a good choice.

In the newly developed rolling bearing, two end faces are installed with corresponding sealing devices. Its function, on the one hand, is to keep the grease (oil) inside the bearing from losing in use, to ensure that the bearing is in a lubricating state, which requires a kind of seal detection technology. Shenzhen Harris has been committed to the research of seal detection technology for many years, and the seal detection technology is quite rich. On the other hand, it is to protect the dust or harmful gas outside the bearing from entering the bearing cavity, so as to prevent damage to the bearing. The common ones are sealing rings made of sealing rubber or engineering plastics, and sealing rings made of steel plate (or dust cover). The sealing structure of the sealing ring is various, and the sealing effect is also different. If there is a gap between the seal ring and the shaft, it is called non-contact seal. The smaller the gap, the better the sealing effect, but the smaller the shaft speed is allowed; On the contrary, on the contrary. If there is no gap between the seal ring and the shaft, it is called contact seal. The larger the contact area of the contact lip of the seal ring is, the better the sealing effect is. However, the smaller the speed of the shaft is allowed, and vice versa. The main research content of sealing technology is to research and develop the corresponding sealing devices used in different working conditions, as well as the compatibility of the sealing ring material and the corresponding grease.

Development trend at home and abroad

Several major Bearing Companies in Japan (Seiko, Toyo, bueryue, etc.) represent the development direction of bearing sealing technology. They have an early history in the development of sealing bearing device technology, and the research depth is large. At present, the sealing technology is relatively mature. It has developed from single sealing lip to multi sealing lip and non-contact sealing from contact sealing; From the product type, ball bearings, roller bearings are available. Following the international development trend, China has also developed several kinds of bearings, including deep groove ball bearing with sealing ring, water pump bearing, railway (tapered roller) bearing, needle roller bearing and short column roller bearing. Among them, deep groove ball bearing has the largest output and the widest application. According to the recent quality inspection results of sealed bearings in China by the State Bureau of technology, there are many problems in the structural design of sealed bearings in China, such as poor sealing effect, serious grease leakage, and strong response from users. After analysis, the main reason is that the current sealing ring design structure is unreasonable, the inner ring does not have a sealing groove, and the manufacturing accuracy is not high. Therefore, the future development trend of bearing sealing technology in China is as follows: taking deep groove ball bearing as the representative, carry out sealing technology test, find the best sealing ring structure and the best sealing life, carry out sealing material research, find materials with wear resistance, aging resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, in order to improve the contact sealing life, The development of high temperature conditions or working in a harmful atmosphere under the conditions of the sealing ring to lay the technical foundation.

Therefore, in order to achieve greater success of domestic bearings, the first thing to solve is the problem of sealing technology. In the process of continuous improvement of technology, there are always such and such problems in production, so the sealing detection equipment is indispensable. Shenzhen Harris has been committed to the research of seal detection technology for many years. Now, through continuous efforts, a number of seal detection equipment have sold well in the market, such as bearingsSealing test equipmentMobile phone waterproof testing equipment, etc. Won the praise of the majority of customers, become sealed detection, waterproof detection industry beacon




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